How do I create forms or documents in Hour Republic?

Getting Started

Before you begin developing forms (e.g. WEA, OYAP), please ensure that employer and student information are up-to-date.

  • Employer: Are the address, contact, and positions for the employer up-to-date?
    Search for and select an employer via the Employers section (top) Employers sectionto update the employer’s profile [Employers FAQs]. Make sure your employer has a position attached to their profile.
  • Placement (Student): Is the student connected to their placement?
    Search for and locate a student via the Students section (top) Students section, Hour Republicto update a student’s profile. Select the Placements tab under a student’s profile and connect a student to their placement [see FAQ].
  • Course (Student): Is the student connected to you?
    Students are connected to teachers by course. Select the Courses section (top-right) Courses section, Hour Republic under a student’s profile to connect a student to a teacher [see FAQ].

Create a Form

1. Select the Forms section (top)

Top Menu, Hour Republic

2. Click Create Create button, Hour Republic

3. Select the form you would like to create from the Form drop-down menu

4. Select the Student from the drop-down menu (shown below)

Type in the first three letters of the student's last name in the drop-down menu, and the student will appear.


5. The following fields will auto-select (read Getting Started notes above to ensure these fields auto-select)

  • Employer
  • Position
  • Contact
  • Course

6. Click the Auto Fill button, Hour Republic button to auto-fill the form

  • The form will auto-fill with relevant information that has already been entered under the employer and student profiles.
  • If you are creating an OYAP form, you will need to check off the Registrant box at the top of the form in order to auto-fill it.

7. Complete any fields that were not auto-filled.                                                               (information is pulled from the employer and student profiles)

8. Click Save or Save and Export. The form will export to PDF.                                 Note, if the form does not export, please ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off [see FAQ].

Q. Do I use filters in the Forms section to create a form?

A. No. Those are search filters. You will notice drop-down filters in the Forms section.  These filters are there to help you sort already developed forms and are not related to form creation. In the Forms section, you will be given the option of selecting from the following filters along the top of the screen:

  • Form…
  • Student…
  • Employer…
  • Position…

Instead, please click on create to begin developing forms.