How do I copy or re-use an existing form or learning plan?

Option #1:

Copying forms or learning plans allows you to use pre-existing documents rather than creating each form or learning plan from scratch.

To copy a form or learning plan:

1. Click the “…” button beside the form or plan (under Recent Forms, right-side of page) you wish to create a copy of.

A drop-down menu will appear, select Copy.

2. In the Student field (under New Form), search for (using first OR last name) and select the student that you wish to copy the information to.

4. Then, proceed to complete the remaining fields for this student (i.e. Course, Employer information).

NOTE: Course and Employer information can be unique (i.e. students do not need to have the same course or placement in order to use the Copy feature).

5. Save

6. Once saved, the copied plan or form will appear under Recent Forms (right-side), at the top of the recent forms list.

7. Click on the recent form (the form or plan that was just copied). This will take you to the form or plan generator.

8. Click Auto fill  (and Save), to autofill the form with the new student’s information.

9. Review the form or plan, then Save and Export the form or plan when you are ready.

Option #2:

Duplicating forms or learning plans allows you to use pre-existing plans as templates for new plans rather than creating each plan from scratch.

To duplicate a learning plan:

1.Select the Plans or Forms tab (top)

2.Search for and select a previously completed learning plan or form (e.g. WEA, OYAP form)

3.Click the  button (top and bottom of plan page)

4.Select a different Student (top) by typing in the student’s name, and selecting that student

5.The following fields will auto-select (if employer and student information are up-to-date for this student, as added in the Students section):

  • Employer
  • Position
  • Contact
  • Course

6.Click the Auto Fill button, Hour Republic button to auto-fill the form
Note: The form will auto-fill with relevant information that has already been entered in the employer and student profiles. All other information in the form or plan will remain the same.

7.Click Save or Save and Export