Creating a Form or Learning Plan in Hour Republic (New Version, Jan 2019)

#1: Click on the Forms link in Hour Republic (top of screen) to create a new form

#2: Click on the type of form you would like to create (e.g. Learning Plan)

#3: Complete the following 6 fields, and Save

  • Type in student name and select
  • Choose Course from drop-down
  • Type in employer name and select                                                                                      *If an employer, contact or position are missing, then click the + symbol to add any missing information to the employer database directly from the form.

  • Select Contact (this is the placement supervisor; if missing, click the + symbol)
  • Select Position (this is the job role of the student; if missing, click the + symbol)
  • Select semester (if different than default)
Once the above fields have been filled out, click Save.

#4. All new forms will appear under Recent Forms. Click on the desired student’s form (right-side)

The following fields will be auto-selected based on selections for this student in previous steps (e.g. Form, Student, Employer, Position, Contact, Course).

WEA Form fields (auto-select)

Ensure all of the above fields are auto-selected before selecting the Auto Fill button (see screenshot above).

#5: Click the Auto Fill button, Hour Republic button to auto-fill the form, then Save.

#6: Click Save or Save and Export

The learning plan will export to PDF or HTML.  Note, if the learning plan does not export, please ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off [see FAQ].


Access the following sections (bottom-right):
– All Employers
– All Students
– All Forms
– All Plans
– Reports
– Course Favourites


You can copy a student’s form or learning plan to use for another student. Simply press Copy > complete the 6 fields for the new student you wish to copy the information to > Save