(New Version 2020) How do I create a new class? How do I add/remove students from a class?

Creating a Class

1. To begin creating a new class, select your high school on the left tool bar 

2. Click this icon to access the Classes section

3. Select the  to create a new class

4. Enter a name for your Class, you choose! It’s your way of organizing students.
(e.g. Sem 2 2019-20, or Sem 2 Winter 2020 (afternoon class))

5. You will automatically be added as a teacher/coordinator table when you create a new class. To add another teacher/coordinator, click the symbol. Use the search bar, or filters to locate teachers/coordinators, then click the check box beside the teacher’s/coordinator’s name to add them to the class, then Done.

6. To finish, click Save to create this new class

NOTE: Once students sign up, they are automatically added to the class you attached via your sign up code.

Adding / Removing a Student

Students are automatically added to your Class when they register with the Sign Up Code you provided. That is, if the students signed up to the new version here.

If your students are accessing the new version from the current hourrepublic.com site by clicking BETA along the top, then you will need to add students to your Class as follows.

NOTE: Students must register an account before they can be added to a Class.

1. To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar to access the main administrator section

2. Click the Classes icon 

3. From the table, click on the class that you would like to add or remove a student from

4. To add a student, click the symbol in the second table (which contacts the Student column)
Search the list, or use the search bar, or use the filters to locate student(s). Select a student by clicking the check box beside the student’s name, and Done.

NOTE: To remove a student from the class, click the remove icon beside the student’s name.