Form e-Signatures – How do I add signatures to forms?

WEA & OYAP forms now have an e-signature option!

Once an form has been created for a student (see FAQ), you will notice signature fields at the bottom of the form.

1. Click on the signature line

2. A pop-up window will appear where a signature can be added

  • Ask the signatory to add their signature to the line, and to enter their First name, Last name and Email address

NOTE: The signature can be added to any touch screen with a finger or stylus; a signature can also be added via any computer with a computer mouse


3. Click Sign

4. After signing the form, the following screen will appear:


5. Click Confirm

Once a signature is confirmed, the signature will appear on the web form as follows:

6. Click Save in order to save the signature, or Save and Export the form in order to export the signature to the form. Print the PDF form when you are ready!


My Signature

You will notice a My Signature button. Teachers can save their signatures to their Account settings (see image below). Follow steps 1 to 5 (listed above) in order to add a signature to your Account settings.

Going forward, this signature can be added to any form by clicking My Signature.