(New Version 2020) General Questions

General Questions:

Q. How do I reset or update my password?

A. Please follow these instructions to reset or update your password here.

Q. What is a label?

A. The purpose of labels are to let students and teachers/coordinators easily keep track of their work (e.g. hours) by writing short descriptions or ‘subjects’. For example, students can set a label for hours to “Week #1”, “Week #2”, and so on.


If you weren’t able to find the answer to your question, please contact our customer support team at info@charityrepublic.com

(New Version 2020) Hour Republic FAQs Guide

Look no further than this guide to direct you to the FAQ you need

•    How do I reset my password?

Main Administrator Section
•    How do I create a new class? 
•    How do I create a sign up code? 
•    How do I add a new resource? 

•    How do I add new Organizations/Employers?  
•    How do I add contacts to an Organization/Employer?  
•    How do I add a Volunteer or Placement opportunity?

Student Profile
•    How do I manage my Student Dashboard?
•    Icon Guide

•    How do teachers add new Reflection/Journal topics? 
•    How do students submit a Reflection/Journal?
•    How do teachers mark Reflections/Journal topics? 

•    How do I create a report? 

(New Version 2020) How do I reset my password?

Can’t remember your password? Please follow the instructions below:

1.On the Hour Republic Home Page, click Log In

2.Click on Reset Password button

3.Enter your email, then click Reset Password, and you will be sent an email containing your new password


If you would like to update your newly reset password into something that is easier to remember, then follow these steps:

1. Visit to your Account Settings

2.Change your password in the Password field


Forgot your username and/or the email address for your account?

Students can ask their teacher/coordinator to send them a temporary password.

  1. In the Students section, you will notice 3 dots to the right of a student name 
  2. Click the 3 dots, and select Reset Password in the drop-down.                                    This sends the student a temporary password.

Teachers can find a student’s username in (i) the main Students section (see Username column) or (ii) the student’s General page under their Student Profile.



(New Version 2020) How do I create a report?

To begin, select Reports icon on the left tool bar 

  • You can choose to generate reports for General Information, Demographics, Hours, Scheduling, Statistics, Organization/Employer, and Reflection/Journals
  • Select the report type you would like to create
  • Use the search bar, date range and filters to customize the report and sort the data or leave it as default to generate all data
  • When you are ready, click the in the top right corner to create the report
  • A separate tab will open up with a report, but you can also download the report by clicking  to customize the report further

(New Version 2020) How do I add new resources?

Teachers/Coordinators can add resources (e.g. background information, program requirements, etc.) that will appear for each student.

  • To add a resource, select your high school on the left tool bar 
  • Click this icon  to access Resources
  • Select the  to add a new resource
  • Add a photo, PDF or document (e.g. .doc) as an attachment or link to video or website
  • Add a label (e.g. Student Training Video, Safetly Checklist, etc.)
  • Choose to add a Description of what the file is, or instructions for the student
  • To finish, Click Save

(New Version 2020) How do I create a new signup code for my class?

Create a sign up code for your students before they register for accounts.

To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar 

  • Click this icon  to access Signup Codes
  • Select the  to create a new signup code
  • Either create your own random code (i.e. HogwartsFall2019) or click the Randomize button to create a random code
    NOTE: The codes must be at least 5 characters.
  • Under the Student Settings section, you have the option to add the Year Started (year student started Grade 9, or year student started College/University), the semester associated, and/or select the Type of Student (Co-op, Dual Credit, SHSM, or Volunteer).
    NOTE: You can select multiple types of students
  • Once you have created a class, you can also add multiple classes under one code. Click here to learn how to create a new class.
  • Click Save to finish adding a new code
    NOTE: Once saved,  you can view which students are associated with the sign up code by scrolling to the bottom of the page

(New Version 2020) How do I create a new class?

Creating a Class

  • To begin creating a new class, select your high school on the left tool bar 
  • Click this icon to access the Classes section
  • Select the  to create a new class
  • Enter a name for your class (i.e. Fall Placement 2019 – Semester 1)
  • You will automatically be added as a teacher/coordinator upon sign up. To add another teacher/coordinator, click the symbol. Use the search bar, or filter to find teachers/coordinators, then click the box beside the teacher’s/coordinator’s name to add them to the class
  • Once students sign up, they are automatically added to a class. If necessary, you can add them to the class by selecting symbol beside the student box. Use the search bar, or filter to find students, then click the box beside their name to add them to the class
  • To remove a student from the class, click the remove icon beside the student’s name 
  • To finish, click Save to create a new class

(New Version 2020) How do students add hours?

Students can start to add hours by selecting the  icon on the left toolbar

  • To begin, they will select the button in the top right corner of the page
  • Students have the option to Label their hours (e.g. Week 1)
  • Under Category, they can choose from Extracurricular, Placement, Peer Tutor and Volunteer hours
  • Next, they will need to search for an Organization/Employer. If the employer is not present, they can add a new one by clicking the icon
  • Please have the students fill out the Organization Name, Supervisor Name, Email, Phone Number, and their Position (e.g. Cashier)
  • Students can add a Description of what they did during their work hours
  • For the Type of Hours field, students can either add hours as a Block (e.g. weekly, monthly etc..)
    OR Shift, where they can add the specific date and time (i.e. September 9th, 9:00am-5:00pm).
  • Once the student has added and reviewed their hours, they can either select button to save the hours as a draft, or submit to their Employer.
  • If a student selects Placement under the Category type, then the hours will automatically change the Hour Type to a weekly block
  • Under Skills Learned, students must add at least one new skill that they learned during their placement (e.g. Customer Service, Oral Communication)
  • The week will automatically begin on the Monday of the current week and each day will be listed for students to begin adding shifts
  • To add a new shift, they simply click the + symbol beside the days they worked
  • The hours will automatically be set to Placement (Unpaid), however, students can also track Placement (Paid), In-School/Integration, Pre-Placement and Dual Credit hours
  • If the student takes a Lunch/Break this will deduct minutes from the overall hours
  • Students should select the Absent or Late boxes to mark their attendance
  • Students can also add two shifts for one day by selecting the + symbol twice
  • Once the student has added and reviewed their hours, they can select either button to Save the hours as a draft, or Save and Submit to send to their Employer.
NOTE: What is the difference between , and ?
  • When clicking , the hours are submitted to the placement supervisor, and become “Pending” hours
  • When clicking  a teacher/coordinator is approving the hours, and the hours become “Verified” (only teachers/coordinators have access to this button)
  • When students select “Placement” for the first time from the drop-down menu while adding hours, Placement becomes their new default hour type.

(New Version 2020) How do Teachers/Coordinators mark Reflections/Journal topics?

Q: How do I mark a Student’s Reflection?

A: Under the Students tab, Click on the Reflections icon  to review, mark and leave comments on students’ reflections.

  1. Click on the desired Reflection
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Mark section
  3. Enter in a mark and comment (optional)

4. Click the Save and Approve button at the top of the page to save the mark and comment.

NOTE: The student can view this mark in the student Reflection section

(New Version 2020) Hour Status Definitions


Draft: A student has saved the information but has not submitted the log for verification.

 Pending: A student has submitted their log (to an employer for their placement; to a parent/guardian and organization) but it has not been verified yet.

NOTE: students can re-send the form as a reminder to verify hours. They can also Cancel a form to turn it back into a Draft form to re-submit for verification.

Rejected: Student hours were declined.
Possible reasons: the information submitted by the student was not accurate; there was not enough detail; and/or, the student forgot to mention a task or project.

 Verified: Student hours were verified via email.