How do I add contacts to an employer profile?

1. Select the Employers tab at the top of the screen

2. Either create a new employer (see here) or search and select an employer to view or edit their profile

3. Select the Contacts tab

Contacts Tab, Employer Profile

4. Click Add Contact to create a new contact or click on an existing contact to edit

5. Fill out contact information

NOTE: Only the First Name and Last Name fields are required field

6. Click Save


Tips for Searching Employers

Before adding a new employer, please ensure that you have searched the employer database first.

The search bar (below the map) is smart. If you type in a few letters, it will find a match. It is better to type in a few letters than the entire name of an employer just in case it is spelled differently.

If you type in “Tim”, then anything with “Tim” will come up. If you type in “Hor”, then all of the Tim Hortons stores will come up. But if you type in “Horton’s” into the search bar, our system will not recognize the apostrophe if the employer is not spelled that way.

For instance, we want to avoid this: “Community Living X County” spelled 3 different ways:

Community Living X County
Community Living- X
X County Association for Community Living

Other tips to consider:

Sometimes a company will have “and” in their name, or use “&” instead:
Tool & Mould, versus Tool and Mould

Sometimes a word is spelled incorrectly:
“Day care” versus “Daycare”

Sometimes there is an apostrophe, and sometimes not:
Gilligan’s Restaurant vs Gilligans Restaurant

Please keep this in mind when searching for employers and before adding a new one. We want to avoid adding duplicates to the system.


You can see a map of all placements when viewing the Employer Dashboard.mapUsing the + and – icons on the right side of the map, you can zoom in and out to get a better look at where placements are located.

When looking at the profile of an individual employer, their location will be shown on a similar map. Likewise, students’ homes are shown on maps in their profiles.

How do I add an employer or edit an existing employer?

From the Employers tab, you can create new employer profiles or edit existing employers.

For existing employers, use the Search bar to locate an employer.

Search for Employer

For new employers, select Add Employer button

TIPS: Searching employers in order to avoid duplicates: [FAQ]

REMINDER: Add at least one Contact [FAQ] and one Position [FAQ] to an employer’s profile

The information included in employer profiles currently consists of:

  • Employer Name
  • Sector (these are NAICS codes)
  • Description
  • Email
  • Address
  • Fax
  • Website
  • Started (date started as an employer with your school/board)
  • Ended (date ended as an employer with your school/board)
  • Status (Active, Inactive, Blocked)
  • Employees (number of employees)
  • Assessed (date)
  • Keywords

From the CONTACTS tab you can add employer contact information. The current information fields listed in the tab are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Department
  • Email
  • Work phone
  • Cell phone

If you want to see new fields added to the Employer profiles or see changes to current fields, let us know by emailing us at info[at]

How do I add positions to an employer profile?

1. Select the Employers tab at the top of the screen

2. Either create a new employer (see here) or search and select employer to view or edit the profile

3. Select the Positions tab

Positions Tab, Employe Profile

4. Click Add Position to create a new position or click on an existing Position to edit

5. Fill out the information fields which consist of:

  • *Position (job title e.g. Sales Clerk, Secretary)
  • Occupation (National Occupational Classification (NOC) code) (optional)
  • Description (optional)
  • Expectations

6. Click Save

NOTE: Only the Position field is a required field

How do I add employer expectations to an employer’s profile?

To add employer expectations you:

  1. Click the Employers tab at the top of the screen
  2. Search for and select the name of the desired employer
  3. Click the Positions tab
  4. Select the position you want to add expectations for or click Create if you want to create a new position
  5. Fill out the Expectations field, with each expectation on its own line (see below)great_expectations
  6. Click Save