Creating a Form or Learning Plan in Hour Republic (New Version, Jan 2019)

#1: Click on the Forms link in Hour Republic (top of screen) to create a new form

#2: Click on the type of form you would like to create (e.g. Learning Plan)

#3: Complete the following 6 fields, and Save

  • Type in student name and select
  • Choose Course from drop-down
  • Type in employer name and select                                                                                      *If an employer, contact or position are missing, then click the + symbol to add any missing information to the employer database directly from the form.

  • Select Contact (this is the placement supervisor; if missing, click the + symbol)
  • Select Position (this is the job role of the student; if missing, click the + symbol)
  • Select semester (if different than default)
Once the above fields have been filled out, click Save.

#4. All new forms will appear under Recent Forms. Click on the desired student’s form (right-side)

The following fields will be auto-selected based on selections for this student in previous steps (e.g. Form, Student, Employer, Position, Contact, Course).

WEA Form fields (auto-select)

Ensure all of the above fields are auto-selected before selecting the Auto Fill button (see screenshot above).

#5: Click the Auto Fill button, Hour Republic button to auto-fill the form, then Save.

#6: Click Save or Save and Export

The learning plan will export to PDF or HTML.  Note, if the learning plan does not export, please ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off [see FAQ].


Access the following sections (bottom-right):
– All Employers
– All Students
– All Forms
– All Plans
– Reports
– Course Favourites


You can copy a student’s form or learning plan to use for another student. Simply press Copy > complete the 6 fields for the new student you wish to copy the information to > Save

How do I add expectations to learning plans?

Select the student learning plan and scroll to the bottom of the learning plan.

1. Click the choose expecations button                                                                         (under Course Expectations or Employer Expectations groups at the bottom of   your plan)

2. From the pop-up menu, select the relevant tab (e.g. Curriculum) and “Choose” from the drop-down:

(i) Course Expectations
– Curriculum
– Course Favourites

Course Expectations, tabs

(ii) Employer Expectations
– Occupations (NOC)
– Positions
– Trades

3. Select the relevant expectation(s) by clicking on the expectation (e.g. A1.2 in the screenshot below)



When you click on an expectation, it will be included in the learning plan and a check mark will appear under the Selected column to indicate this (outlined in green above).

Once you are done selecting expectations, click anywhere outside of the pop-up box to return to the learning plan creation page where you will see the expectation included.

4. Save the learning plan or Save and Export


What if my expectation is not listed?

(i) You can insert your own expectation by clicking  Insert Expectation button

(ii) You can add employer expectations under an employer’s profile                       (Employers section > Search and select employer > Positions tab > Expectations field)

How do I create custom course expectations that I can add to my learning plans?

Teachers can create new courses and add frequently used expectations to make plan generation faster.

1. Select Courses in the top right to access the Course Favourites section

2. Click Add Course and fill out the course Code and Name

3. Under the Expectations field, add your frequently used expectations

4. Save

NOTE: Press the “Enter” key to start each expectation on a new line so the system will recognize each expectation separately

NOTE: These expectations can also be located under the Course Favourites tab in the pop-up menu that appears when you click choose expecations



How do I copy or re-use an existing form or learning plan?

Option #1:

Copying forms or learning plans allows you to use pre-existing documents rather than creating each form or plan from scratch.

To copy a form:

1. Click Copy button beside form or plan (under Recent Forms, right-side of page)

2. In the Student field (under New Form), search for (using first of last name) and select the student that you wish to copy the information to.

Then, proceed to complete the remaining fields for this student (i.e. Course, Employer information)

3. Save

Once saved, the copied plan or form will appear under Recent Forms (right-side), at the top of the recent forms list.

4. Click on the recent form (the form or plan that was just copied). This will take you to the form or plan generator.

Click Autofill  (and Save), to autofill the form with the new student’s information.

Review the form or plan, then Save and Export the form or plan when you are ready.

Option #2:

Duplicating forms or learning plans allows you to use pre-existing plans as templates for new plans rather than creating each plan from scratch.

To duplicate a learning plan:

  1. Select the Plans or Forms tab (top)
  2. Search for and select a previously completed learning plan or form (e.g. WEA, OYAP form)
  3. Click the Duplicate button (top and bottom of plan page)
  4. Select a different Student (top) by typing in the students name, and selecting that student
  5. The following fields will auto-select (if employer and student information are up-to-date for this student, as added in the Students section):
    • Employer
    • Position
    • Contact
    • Course


  6. Click the Auto Fill button, Hour Republic button to auto-fill the form
    Note: The form will auto-fill with relevant information that has already been entered in the employer and student profiles. All other information in the form or plan will remain the same.
  7. Click Save or Save and Export