Form e-Signatures – How do I add signatures to forms?

WEA & OYAP forms now have an e-signature option!

Once an form has been created for a student (see FAQ), you will notice signature fields at the bottom of the form.

1. Click on the signature line

2. A pop-up window will appear where a signature can be added

  • Ask the signatory to add their signature to the line, and to enter their First name, Last name and Email address

NOTE: The signature can be added to any touch screen with a finger or stylus; a signature can also be added via any computer with a computer mouse


3. Click Sign

4. After signing the form, the following screen will appear:


5. Click Confirm

Once a signature is confirmed, the signature will appear on the web form as follows:

6. Click Save in order to save the signature, or Save and Export the form in order to export the signature to the form. Print the PDF form when you are ready!


My Signature

You will notice a My Signature button. Teachers can save their signatures to their Account settings (see image below). Follow steps 1 to 5 (listed above) in order to add a signature to your Account settings.

Going forward, this signature can be added to any form by clicking My Signature.

(New Version 2020) How do students submit a Reflection/Journal?

Q: How Do I Submit a Reflection?

1. On the left toolbar, Click the  button

2. On the Reflection page, select  the  icon in the top right corner

3. Begin by selecting a topic from a list of Reflection topics available from your teacher/coordinator

4. Once you select a topic, the question and attachments added by your teacher/coordinator will appear

5. Use the Reflection/Journal box to answer the Reflection

6. Select to upload any documents, pictures or PDFs to your submission

7. Choose to Save and Approve or Save your response as draft.

e-Signature of Volunteer Hours

Students can obtain e-signatures for volunteer hours. Simply present your smart phone (or any device that has a touch screen), and your supervisor or parent can sign with their finger on the spot.

1. Add Hours button, volunteer hours (or, Edit for existing hours)

2. Complete volunteer hour and activity fields, and Save.

3. Select the Verify by Signature button near the bottom of a Draft or Pending log (select Edit link to view).
*Remember to check the box indicating that the hours are eligible and meet the school board’s community hour requirements

Verify by Signature button

4. Present the signature pad screen to your volunteer supervisor or parent.
They can sign off using their finger or a mouse (if it’s a touchscreen computer). Then, click Confirm.

Parent signature field

5. Volunteer hours will show as Verified Verified signature button

or Pending if you are still waiting for a signature Pending signature button

6. An email confirmation message will be shared with the person who verified the hours (volunteer supervisor or parent), indicating that they verified the hours on that day, with an image of their signature. They can edit the verification status if necessary.

NOTE: Students are still able to use the e-mail verification option if preferred [FAQ].

What is represented by the Approved check mark on the student’s dashboard?

When a student’s hours are Verified by an employer, a teacher has the ability to ‘Approve’ the hours. This feature is available for both the Placement and Volunteer dashboards.

The purpose of this to serve as an indicator to the student that they are on the right track. The check mark also allows teachers to keep track of which logs they have reviewed to date.

If Verified hours are not approved, they have a light green ‘x’ under the Approved column while Non-Verified hours appear as blank.


What to do when a student adds placement hours to the wrong dashboard?

We don’t have an easy mechanism for hours to be transferred over from the Volunteer Dashboard. We encourage students to copy the information over to the Placement Dashboard.

In order to prevent this issue from happening,  students can set their default dashboard to the Placement Dashboard via their Account Settings. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Teachers can also remove access to the Volunteer Dashboard so that it does not appear for students at all. To do so, a teacher must visit their Access page (Summary section) and click on the check mark under the Volunteer column. That turns the check mark into an ‘x’. Once complete, students will no longer be able to view the Volunteer Dashboard. This will prevent students from accidentally adding their Placement hours to the wrong dashboard.

How do I delete or cancel pending hours that have already been submitted for verification?

Pending hours can be cancelled and returned to a Draft state where they can be edited if necessary. Hours can also be deleted when they are in a Draft State.

Cancelling Pending Hours

Pending hours can be cancelled by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the page to show your hours and their related status
  2. Locate the Pending hours you wish to cancel
  3. Next, click on the editlink
  4. Once you’re on the Update Volunteer Hours page, scroll down until you reach thecancel button
  5. Click on this button to change your Pending hours into Draft hours

Deleting Draft Hours

Draft hours can be deleted by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the page to show your hours and their related status
  2. Locate the Draft hours you wish to delete
  3. Click on the editlink
  4. Once you’re on the Update Volunteer Hours page, scroll down until you see thedeletebutton
  5. Click on this button to delete your Draft hours



How do I add multiple placement employers?

Students can add multiple placement employers through their Settings.

  1. Hover over your name and select Settings
  2. Select the Placement tab (left-side in Settings)
  3. At the bottom of the list of your employers there is an Add Employer buttonadd employer
  4. Click the button and enter your employer’s information
  5. Click the Save button

When you are writing down your hours, you will be able to select the desired employer from the employer dropdown menu.



How do I add a placement employer?

Students can add placement employer information through their Settings.

  1. Hover over your name and select Settings
  2. Select the Placement tab (left-side in Settings)
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Company Name
    • Supervisor Name
    • Supervisor Email
    • Supervisor Phone
  4. Click the Save button

TIP: Make sure that the email is entered correctly since your supervisor will verify hours via email. Also, remember to enter the Minimum Required Hours and current Semester on this page if you haven’t already.

For information on how to add multiple placement employers, visit this FAQ post.

How do I create preset logs?

Students who work the same days and times every week can create preset schedules that act as templates so they do not have to keep inputting the same information every time they submit hours.

  1. Go to Add Hours
  2. Enter the information you want included in each repeating schedule (eg. time, skills used, etc)
  3. Click the Save button  next to Preset Schedule

To access your preset schedule you:

  1. Go to add new Hours and select your preset schedule from the dropdown menu
  2. Input any additional information that is required for the Hours/Weekly Logs
  3. Click the Save and Approve or Save button when you are finished