Disable/hide certain sections and fields

If there are specific fields or sections that you would like to disable or hide, then please follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the tab (left panel) with your school’s name

2. Select the tab on the left that says Access.

This allows you to adjust whether you want users with Supervisor access to view students that are from other departments, schools, or under the supervision of another teacher/coordinator.

This allows you to adjust whether users can view fields such as ‘date of birth’.

Here you can adjust whether you would like to receive notifications regarding student scheduling.

Adjusting the progress bar

Q. How do Teachers/Coordinators update the progress bar for all of their students?

1. Click on the tab (left panel) with your school’s name

2. Select the tab on the left that says Progress Bar

3. Once on the Progress Bar page, you can adjust the minimum hours needed for different hour types such as Volunteer, Placement / Co-op, and Extracurricular hours, by typing in the desired number.


4. Once you’re finished adjusting the minimum hours, please select 

Q. How do Teachers/Coordinators update the progress bar for an individual student?

1. Click on the  tab

2. Select the student who you would like to adjust the minimum hours for

3. While on their page, click the  icon found around the center of the screen

4. There will be a number of tabs along the center of the screen such as General, Emergency Contacts, etc. Scroll down until you find Progress Bar and click it

5. Now you can adjust the minimum hours for each Hour Type such as Placement/Co-op and Volunteer hours

6. Make sure you click  to save any changes

NOTE: Any changes made to an individual student’s minimum hours will overwrite the default minimum hours set for the school.

Q. How do I Use the Progress Bar?

1. Progress bars for individual students can be viewed in the Hours section of the student profile.

Students can adjust their individual progress bar settings by clicking the gear icon below their progress bar.

3. The progress bar displays the total number of hours a student has including their Rejected, Verified, Pending and Draft hours. There are 5 colours used for the progress bar:

Red = Number of Rejected Hours

Dark Grey = Number of Draft Hours

Orange = Number of Pending Hours

Green = Number of Verified Hours

Light Gray = Number of Hours that have yet to be completed

3. You can also adjust which type of hours are being shown on the Progress Bar by clicking the All Hour Type filter and choosing the desired hour type.


How do I add Bulk Achievements?

Bulk Achievements are a fast and easy way to designate achievements (e.g. Safety Training, First Aid) to large groups of students. If you would like to learn how to do this, then please follow the following steps:

1. Locate the sidebar to the left panel, then click on the tab with your school’s name.

2. There are a series of icons at the top of this section, and at the far-right, you will find the Bulk Achievements icon. Click on the icon: .

4. Create a new bulk achievement by clicking onin the top-right corner.

5. This will take you to the General tab where you fill out information such as the Type, Completion Date, and a short Description of the achievement.

6. Indicate which students received the achievement by clicking the Students field at the bottom.

7. Check the box next to the name of students who received the achievement.

8. Once you’re finished selecting the students, click  at the bottom-right corner of the menu.

9. If you know who issued the achievement, click the Issuer tab (left-side). You can fill in information regarding the the Name and Contact Information of the issuer.

10. Have an image file or document to go along with the achievement? Click on the Attachment tab then select  to upload your file.

11. Once you’re finished setting up the bulk achievement, click in the top right corner.


If a group of students received an achievement and it’s already listed on the Bulk Achievement page, you can click on the desired achievement, check off the names of the new students then click . This keeps the Bulk Achievement page organized and free of duplicate achievements.

How do I add new resources?

Teachers/Coordinators can add resources (e.g. background information, program requirements, etc.) that will appear for each student.

1. To add a resource, select your high school on the left tool bar 

2. Click this icon  to access Resources

3. Select the  to add a new resource

4. Add a photo, PDF or document (e.g. .doc) as an attachment or link to video or website

5. Add a label (e.g. Student Training Video, Safetly Checklist, etc.)

6. Choose to add a Description of what the file is, or instructions for the student

7. To finish, Click Save

How do I create a new sign up code for my class?

Create a class-wide sign up code for your students before they register for their accounts.

To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar 

1. Click this icon  to access Signup Codes

2. Select the  to create a new signup code

3. Either create your own random code (i.e. HogwartsFall2019) or click the Randomize button to create a random code
NOTE: The codes must be at least 5 characters.

4. Under the Student Settings section, you have the option to add the Year Started (year student started Grade 9, or year student started College/University), the semester associated, and/or select the Type of Student (Co-op, Dual Credit, SHSM, or Volunteer).

NOTE: You can select multiple types of students

5. Once you have created a class, you can also add multiple classes under one code. Click here to learn how to create a new class.

6. Click Save to finish adding a new code
NOTE: Once saved,  you can view which students are associated with the sign up code by scrolling to the bottom of the page


You only need to make one sign-up code per class, multiple students can sign-up using one code.

CLASSES: Create a New Class / Add or Remove Students / Add a Date Range

Creating a Class

#1. To begin creating a new class, select your high school on the left tool bar 

#2. Click this icon to access the Classes section

#3. Select the  to create a new class

#4. Enter a name for your Class, you choose! It’s your way of organizing students.
(e.g. Sem 2 2019-20, or Sem 2 Winter 2020 (afternoon class))

#5. You will automatically be added as a teacher/coordinator table when you create a new class.

  • To remove a teacher from your class code, simply click the “-” symbol beside a teacher’s name, and Save.
  • To add another teacher/coordinator, click the symbol. Use the search bar, or filters to locate teachers/coordinators, then click the check box beside the teacher’s/coordinator’s name to add them to the class, then Done.

#6. To finish, click Save to create this new class

NOTE: Once students sign up, they are automatically added to the class you attached via your sign up code.

Adding a Date Range

Teachers can add date ranges to Classes (e.g. from the first day of a semester to the last day of a semester).

If a date range is set, then the progress bar and hour logs will appear for this timeframe only.

TIP: Students need to select the Class filter (e.g. Sem 1 2020-21) in the Hour section in order for the date range to take effect.
TIP: Beside Total Submissions in the Hour section, we indicate how many submissions are hidden when the Class filter is selected (e.g. 15 submissions hidden by filter).

Adding / Removing a Student from a Class

Students are automatically added to your Class when they register with the Sign Up Code you provided.
NOTE: Students must register an account before they can be added to a Class.

#1. To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar to access the main administrator section

#2. Click the Classes icon 

#3. From the table, click on the class that you would like to add or remove a student from

#4. To add a student, click the symbol in the second table (with the Student column)
Search the list, or use the search bar, or use the filters to locate student(s). Select a student by clicking the check box beside the student’s name, and Done.

NOTE: To remove a student from the class, click the “-” remove icon beside the student’s name. 

#5. To finish, click Save.