Individual Student Reports for Placement Teachers

A: What Individual Student Reports are available for Teachers?

Student Report: This report includes all of the student’s placement hours with Employer, Dates, Daily and Total Hours, Overall Description and Work Activities.

Comments Report: A summary of all the comments left by Employers and Teachers on students log submissions.

Summary Report: Displays students OEN, Grade and Verified Hours along with Employers contact information.

Class Reports for Teachers

Q: What class reports are available for Placement Teachers?

A: Reports include: Summary, Attendance, In-school Hours, Employer, and a Weekly Report (Weekly Report is in Excel format only).

Summary Report
: This is a brief summary on your students’ progress (e.g. no. of verified hours) and also includes administrative information.

Attendance Report: This is a list of all the placement students who have either marked that they were late or absent for a shift.

In School Hours Report: A summary of each students hours completed during in-school days (e.g. integration, pre-placement).

Employer Report: This report summarizes employer contact information including supervisor name, telephone number, and email address.

Weekly Report: This report includes the number of verified hours by week, for each student in Excel format.