How do I only view weekly logs from the current term?

To view weekly logs for a specific term, please complete the following steps:
1. In your Placement Dashboard, select student

2. Select the Semester from the drop-down

3. Search (click on the green magnifying glass icon)


Similarly, the Semester filter on the Reflections Dashboard allows you to filter reflections by semester.


Having trouble with the progress bar counting hours from previous terms? Please click here for instructions on how to reset the progress bar.

What to do when a student adds placement hours to the wrong dashboard?

We don’t have an easy mechanism for hours to be transferred over from the Volunteer Dashboard. We encourage students to copy the information over to the Placement Dashboard.

In order to prevent this issue from happening,  students can set their default dashboard to the Placement Dashboard via their Account Settings. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Teachers can also remove access to the Volunteer Dashboard so that it does not appear for students at all. To do so, a teacher must visit their Access page (Summary section) and click on the check mark under the Volunteer column. That turns the check mark into an ‘x’. Once complete, students will no longer be able to view the Volunteer Dashboard. This will prevent students from accidentally adding their Placement hours to the wrong dashboard.

Individual Student Hour Report

Individual Student Summary Reports

In order to run and print a report on an individual student:

  • Select a student (hover over name of student listed and click)
  • Click the Hours Report button to load a PDF report
  • Save or print a PDF summary report of hours

Teachers can also run and print off a report of individual activities:

  • Select a student (hover over name of student listed and click)
  • Select a specific activity or log by clicking on Edit
  • Click Download Hours Report

NOTE: Click here to review how to  download summary reports for all students.

Dashboard Status Definitions



Draft: A student has saved the information but has not submitted the log for verification.

Pending: Student has emailed their log (to an employer for their placement; to a parent/guardian and organization) but it has not been verified  yet. Note, students can re-send the form as a reminder to verify hours. They can also Cancel a form to turn it back into a Draft form to re-submit for verification.

Declined: Student hours were declined.
Possible reasons: the information submitted by the student was not accurate; there was not enough detail; and/or, the student forgot to mention a task or project.

Verified: Student hours were verified via email.

What controls do placement teachers have on their student’s placement hours?

A: Teachers can review Draft, Pending, and Verified placement hours and have the ability to Verify logs, Reject logs, or Comment on specific weekly log (these buttons appear at the bottom of a weekly log).

  • Teachers can also review messages posted by the employer to the student after the hours have been verified or declined (also at the bottom of a weekly log).


  • Approve weekly logs that have been verified clicking the x on the right of the weekly log. It will become a green check mark when approved.



  • Teachers also have the ability to modify Verified Logs. The steps to modify a log are as follows:
1. Select the student log that you would like to modify
2. Click the reject button (bottom-right of page). This will turn the log back into ‘draft-type’ status, allowing you to make changes to the contact information and hours.
3. Edit the log
4. Click save and v to save and approve of the hours

Can a teacher reset a student’s password?

Teachers are able to reset student passwords through a school account.

1. Login to Hour Republic

2. Hover over your name and select Access

3. On the Summary Tab, Select the Reset button beside a student’s name

4. This will send a temporary password to the email address on file for this student

5. Once the student logs in with the temporary password they received, they can update their password by: hovering over their name > clicking on Settings > selecting the Password tab.

6. Click Save

  • Students can also reset their password via the Log In page.
  • Since students often have multiple email addresses, please ensure a student is checking the correct email address. You can access a student’s email address via a student’s settings, on their individual dashboard summary page.

Q: How can a teacher locate a student’s username?

Student usernames can be found in several places: (i) On the Access page; (ii) On the student’s individual page, along the top and under their name; (iii) Running a Summary report.

How do I access Student Settings 2