Individual Student Volunteer Summary

On your teacher’s Volunteer Dashboard, hover over and click on a student’s name in order to view an individual student dashboard. Here you will find a summary of an individual student’s hours and activities.

On each individual student page, teachers have the ability to:

  • View the progress bar and number of hours remaining for community involvement hour completion
  • View student Username (sign up source), Student ID and Grade appear
  • Access Student Settings
  • Download a summary report by selecting the Hours Report button
  • Add Hours on behalf of a student
  • Approve All or Unapprove All hours and activities on the page

For each activity, teachers have the ability to:

  • Edit hours and activities on behalf of a student
  • Save and Approve hours and activities
  • Reject hours and activities
  • Request Principal approval of hours
  • Add a Comment for each entry
  • Determine if hours have been verified by the organization and/or parent/guardian

Status Definitions

Each entry of hours and activities has a status. Status definitions can be located here.

Adding Hours for Students

A teacher can add hours on behalf of a student. Click here for more details.

Editing Student Settings

A teacher can update and edit student account settings (e.g. email address, parent information). Click here for more details.


How do I add volunteer hours?

A: Click the Add Hours button add-hours

● Enter the organization’s contact information (organization the student volunteered for):
Name of Organization, Supervisor (Contact Name), Contact Email, Contact Phone

● Add in a Description of Community Involvement (e.g. This week I focused on organizing canned foods from the food drive)

● Select Skills Learned. If a skill is not listed, add your own skills! Just type it in.

● Enter the Start and Completion Date of the volunteer activity

● Add the Total Hours volunteered

● Check off and verify that this activity meets your school board’s guidelines and eligibility criteria for community involvement before submitting hours [NOTE: Click on the guidelines and eligibility criteria link to view the criteria].

Save or Submit volunteer hours
If a student selects Save, then they can continue editing the form and submit when ready. Students can edit and save forms as often as necessary (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly)

When a student selects Submit, the organization and parent will receive an email and will be asked to verify and comment on the hours and activities.  Once verified, the organization simply selects a Accept or Decline button in the message.

  • Teachers can also Save and Approve hours on behalf of a student.
  • To find out if volunteer hours are eligible for community involvement hours, students can click the Guidelines  button on the  Volunteer Dashboard.

Dashboard Status Definitions



Draft: A student has saved the information but has not submitted the log for verification.

Pending: Student has emailed their log (to an employer for their placement; to a parent/guardian and organization) but it has not been verified  yet. Note, students can re-send the form as a reminder to verify hours. They can also Cancel a form to turn it back into a Draft form to re-submit for verification.

Declined: Student hours were declined.
Possible reasons: the information submitted by the student was not accurate; there was not enough detail; and/or, the student forgot to mention a task or project.

Verified: Student hours were verified via email.