Can I approve student volunteer hours and activities?

Guidance can approve individual hour entries for a student, or all entries.

Select an individual student, then select the Approve All or Unapprove All buttons on a student’s Volunteer Dashboard. This approves all hours and activities listed on the page.

Or, approve individual entries by selecting the entry, then clicking Save and Approve.

A green check mark appears on a student’s dashboard when hours have been Guidance approved.

NOTE: Verified hours have been verified by the organization AND parent. For an overview of the different statuses (e.g. Draft, Pending, Verified, Declined), click here.


Navigating the Volunteer Dashboard

Visit the Volunteer Dashboard (click on Volunteer along top)

Teachers can add and approve batch hours add-batchfor multiple students, view Analytics analyticsand run Reports reports-button-hour-republichere.

A Search Bar will appear on the Volunteer Dashboard and can be used to search for and locate any student at your school search-bar

Student Filters

Students can be filtered on the Volunteer Dashboard by:

  • Last Name of student
  • Hours (e.g. Under 40)
  • Approved (Guidance approval of hours)
  • Grade

Column headings can be filtered by:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Verified hours
  • Approved hours
  • Last Login
  • Grade
  • Flag (students with less than 40 hours are flagged)