Individual Student Reports for Placement Teachers

A: What Individual Student Reports are available for Teachers?

Student Report: This report includes all of the student’s placement hours with Employer, Dates, Daily and Total Hours, Overall Description and Work Activities.

Comments Report: A summary of all the comments left by Employers and Teachers on students log submissions.

Summary Report: Displays students OEN, Grade and Verified Hours along with Employers contact information.

How do teachers add a new reflection/journal?

A: To add a reflection topic, hover over your name and select Reflection Topics.

  • To add a new topic, click add-topics
  • Enter a Topic name and Description


  • Input the Start Date and End Date (the dates your students can view topics e.g. one week or over a period of 4 weeks).


  • Choose to add the topic as a School Reflection. This will allow for only one Placement Teacher in the school to add topics for all students.does-this
  • Add any attachments (i.e. PDF, Word Documents, Excel, Pictures, etc..)


Student Volunteer Hour Reports

Select the Reports button on the Volunteer Dashboard to view summary and detailed reports.


Class Summary Report
This is a brief summary on your students’ progress including number of pending and verified hours (PDF and Excel format).

Detailed Report
This is a full report on your volunteer students’ progress, including hours, organization contact information, and details related to each activity (PDF and Excel format).

Report Filters

Select your preferred report filter(s), then open the report by selecting the Reports button. Filters include:

  • Last Name of student
  • Hours (e.g. under 40 hours)
  • Approved (Guidance approval)
  • Grade

Individual Student Summary / Hour Summary Report
Select a student (hover over name and click), then click the Hours Report button to print a PDF summary report for an individual student.

Teachers can also print off a report for individual activities by selecting the student > click on Edit > click Download Hours Report.

How do I use the Inbox to message my teacher?

A: Hover over your name and click on Settings then click Inbox

  • Students can sort through messages by hovering over Sort and clicking one of the filters. You can also archive messages by clicking the archive button on the left side of the message. To view a message, click the message and they can send a reply back.
  • To compose a message, click Compose Message and select the intended person the message will go to. Include a subject line and type in your message in the box provided. Students using the Volunteer Dashboard will be using the Inbox feature to mainly receive emails from Guidance.


  • Students can view their message history and hours submission by clicking on an email and it will show the Chat History between the recipient and the Student.


How do I send messages to students?

A: Hover over your name and click on Settings, then click Inbox.

  • You can sort your messages by hovering over Sort by and by clicking one of the filters.
  • You can also archive messages by clicking the archive button to the right of a message.


  • To compose a message, click Compose Message and select the intended person the message will be addressed to.
  • Include a subject line and type in your message in the box provided. Teachers can also attach a file.
  • Teachers can view their message history by clicking on an email and it will show the Chat History between the recipient and the Teacher.

Can I approve student volunteer hours and activities?

Guidance can approve individual hour entries for a student, or all entries.

Select an individual student, then select the Approve All or Unapprove All buttons on a student’s Volunteer Dashboard. This approves all hours and activities listed on the page.

Or, approve individual entries by selecting the entry, then clicking Save and Approve.

A green check mark appears on a student’s dashboard when hours have been Guidance approved.

NOTE: Verified hours have been verified by the organization AND parent. For an overview of the different statuses (e.g. Draft, Pending, Verified, Declined), click here.


How do I post volunteer opportunities for students?

Hover over your name (top right) and select Opportunities.

This will take you to the Volunteer Opportunities Dashboard, which lists All, Active and Inactive opportunities.

Select the Add Opportunity button add-opportunity and fill out the form with details about the opportunity:

  • Opportunity name
  • Organization name
  • Website link (e.g. organization’s website)
  • Hours requested for this opportunity
  • Description of opportunity
  • Contact Name (First, Last)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Type of opportunity
  • Event name (if applicable)
  • Date (Start to End date of opportunity or event)
  • Weekdays (days requested for volunteers)
  • Street address
  • City
  • Province
  • Interest categories (select all that apply)

Select Create create when complete, and the opportunity will be posted for students.

Select the Reports button reports-button-hour-republic to run a report of all opportunities posted, available in Excel and PDF formats.


How do I add volunteer hours?

A: Click the Add Hours button add-hours

● Enter the organization’s contact information (organization the student volunteered for):
Name of Organization, Supervisor (Contact Name), Contact Email, Contact Phone

● Add in a Description of Community Involvement (e.g. This week I focused on organizing canned foods from the food drive)

● Select Skills Learned. If a skill is not listed, add your own skills! Just type it in.

● Enter the Start and Completion Date of the volunteer activity

● Add the Total Hours volunteered

● Check off and verify that this activity meets your school board’s guidelines and eligibility criteria for community involvement before submitting hours [NOTE: Click on the guidelines and eligibility criteria link to view the criteria].

Save or Submit volunteer hours
If a student selects Save, then they can continue editing the form and submit when ready. Students can edit and save forms as often as necessary (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly)

When a student selects Submit, the organization and parent will receive an email and will be asked to verify and comment on the hours and activities.  Once verified, the organization simply selects a Accept or Decline button in the message.

  • Teachers can also Save and Approve hours on behalf of a student.
  • To find out if volunteer hours are eligible for community involvement hours, students can click the Guidelines  button on the  Volunteer Dashboard.