Can I print off my Placement Hours?

Students and teachers are able to print off individual weekly logs and have an employer sign off on the hours and activities.

  1. Visit your Placement Dashboard
  2. Select the week you would like to print a report for
  3. In the top right corner, click weekly report
  4. Download or Print the report in PDF format


NOTE: You can use this method if your employer does not want to receive emails to verify hours.

Navigating the Volunteer Dashboard

Visit the Volunteer Dashboard (click on Volunteer along top)

Teachers can add and approve batch hours add-batchfor multiple students, view Analytics analyticsand run Reports reports-button-hour-republichere.

A Search Bar will appear on the Volunteer Dashboard and can be used to search for and locate any student at your school search-bar

Student Filters

Students can be filtered on the Volunteer Dashboard by:

  • Last Name of student
  • Hours (e.g. Under 40)
  • Approved (Guidance approval of hours)
  • Grade

Column headings can be filtered by:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Verified hours
  • Approved hours
  • Last Login
  • Grade
  • Flag (students with less than 40 hours are flagged)

How do I submit a reflection/journal?

Q: How Do I Submit a Reflection?

  1. Go to your Placement Dashboard and Click reflect
  2. On the Reflection page, then click add
  3.  Here you will find a list of Reflection topics available from your teacher
    reflection topuc
  4. Select a topic, then the question and attachments added by your teacher will appear
  5.  Use the Description box to answer the Reflection
  6. Upload any documents, pictures or PDFs to your submission
  7. Choose to Save and Approve or Save reflections

Dashboard Status Definitions

Draft: A student has saved the information but has not submitted the log for verification.

Pending: Student has emailed their log (to an employer for their placement; to a parent/guardian and organization) but it has not been verified  yet. Note, students can re-send the form as a reminder to verify hours. They can also Cancel a form to turn it back into a Draft form to re-submit for verification.

Rejected: Student hours were declined.
Possible reasons: the information submitted by the student was not accurate; there was not enough detail; and/or, the student forgot to mention a task or project.

Verified: Student hours were verified via email.

Adding Placement Hours

How do I add placement hours?

Navigate to the Placement Dashboard and click the Add Hours button (this is how a student adds placement hours)

  • Employer contact information will auto-fill based on what a student has entered in their Placement Settings (students can add multiple employers, set one employer as the default and select other supervisors from a drop-down menu)


  • Add a description in the Overall Description / New Learning field. This is a high level summary of the week – in one or two sentences describe your week (i.e. “This week I focused on administrative tasks.”)
  • Select Skills Learned (click on drop-down arrow to view and check off skills) based on the Ontario Skills Passport. Students can also add their own skills. They just have to type in the skill they learned.

How do I add a shift?

The Work Week date auto-populates for the current week (select the calendar to adjust the dates to previous or future weeks)howp2


  • Select the beside the work day
  • Add Start Times and End Times (15-minute increments), Lunch (in minutes), check off if Absent or Late and enter Work Activities for each day of the placement, including reason for absence or lateness.
  • Finally Save or Submit placement activities to your employer
Notes and Tips
  • Students have the ability to delete a shift by selecting Delete. Students can also add an extra shift by selecting the + button again if a student worked more than one shift per day.
  • When a student selects Save, then they can continue editing the form and submit it when they’re ready (e.g. students can edit and save forms as often as necessary; – hourly, daily or weekly).
  • When a student selects Save and Approve, their employer will receive an e-mail that summarizes all the activities and the employer will have the option to verify or decline, and comment on a student’s activities.
  • Once verified by an employer, a student’s dashboard and progress bar will automatically be updated!
  • Double-check your placement hours before submitting it to an employer for approval. A confirmation pop-up box will appear saying “Are you sure you want to save and approve these hours?”
  • If entered, Lunch minutes are deducted from the total hours for that shift
  • Absent indicates that a student was scheduled to be at their placement but were absent. This field is not to be used for a rescheduled shift or holiday.
  • Click the Guidelines button howp3 on your Placement Dashboard to learn more about the placement program at your school board.