What controls do placement teachers have on their student’s placement hours?

A: Teachers can review Draft, Pending, and Verified placement hours and have the ability to Verify logs, Reject logs, or Comment on specific weekly log (these buttons appear at the bottom of a weekly log).

  • Teachers can also review messages posted by the employer to the student after the hours have been verified or declined (also at the bottom of a weekly log).


  • Approve weekly logs that have been verified clicking the x on the right of the weekly log. It will become a green check mark when approved.



  • Teachers also have the ability to modify Verified Logs. The steps to modify a log are as follows:
1. Select the student log that you would like to modify
2. Click the reject button (bottom-right of page). This will turn the log back into ‘draft-type’ status, allowing you to make changes to the contact information and hours.
3. Edit the log
4. Click save and v to save and approve of the hours
What is the difference between , and ?
– When clicking , the hours are submitted to the placement supervisor, and become “Pending” hours
– When clicking  a teacher/coordinator is approving the hours, and the hours become “Verified” (only teachers/coordinators have access to this button)

Class Reports for Teachers

Q: What class reports are available for Placement Teachers?

A: Reports include: Summary, Attendance, In-school Hours, Employer, and a Weekly Report (Weekly Report is in Excel format only).

Summary Report
: This is a brief summary on your students’ progress (e.g. no. of verified hours) and also includes administrative information.

Attendance Report: This is a list of all the placement students who have either marked that they were late or absent for a shift.

In School Hours Report: A summary of each students hours completed during in-school days (e.g. integration, pre-placement).

Employer Report: This report summarizes employer contact information including supervisor name, telephone number, and email address.

Weekly Report: This report includes the number of verified hours by week, for each student in Excel format.


How do I set my placement progress bar hours?

The progress bar is used to track placement hour progress and measures the minimum number of hours required to complete a placement. The progress bar moves automatically when an employer verifies student hours and activities.

  • Hover over your name and click on Settings
  • Click on the Placement tab (left-side)
  • Enter the Minimum Required Placement Hours for the term (e.g. 110, 220, 330)
  • Select the current Semester (e.g. Fall 2016)
  • Save!



Are Placement employers required to create an account?

No, employers are not required to create an account.

Students have an account which they create placement hours and you will receive an email invitation in which you can accept or decline the student’s hours as well as leave a comment.

Click here to view the employer fact sheet, which teachers can share with any supervisors. (Click here for the French version).

Adding or Removing Students From Dashboards

Q: How do I add students to my Placement Dashboard?

A: After students have signed up and created an account, they will be listed on your school’s Access page. In order to create an active list of students:

  • Hover over your name (top right) and select Access. This will take you to the Summary access page.
  • Select the Placement Button placepic
  • Select your name from the drop-down menu beside an individual student’s name. Students will now be linked to you and will appear in your class list and reports when you are on the Placement Dashboard (select Placement along top).

Q: How do I remove students from my Placement Dashboard?

To remove a student from your active list of students, simply de-select your name from the drop-down menu beside a student’s name.

  • Hover over your name (top right) and select Access. This will take you to the Summary access page.
  • Select the Placement Button placepic
  • Select “None” from the drop-down menu beside an individual student’s name
  • Students will now be removed from your class list and reports when you are on the Placement Dashboard (selecting Placement along top).


  • Use the Search bar to find an individual student
  • Filter students by Name, Last Login, or Grade by selecting the column heading
  • Sort students by Last Name, Status or Grade using the drop-down menus

If my volunteer hours are verified, why does my progress bar show zero hours?

Volunteer Hours must be verified by your Parent/Guardian AND the Organization you volunteered for. Once those hours are verified, your guidance counselor will Approve them before they count towards your community involvement hours.

If guidance has approved the hours, you will see the completed hours in green on your progress bar as well as a green check mark beside the hours.

approved volunteer hours

Please contact your Guidance department if you do not see the check mark beside your verified hours.

Can a teacher reset a student’s password?

Teachers are able to reset student passwords through a school account.

1. Login to Hour Republic

2. Hover over your name and select Access

3. On the Summary Tab, Select the Reset button beside a student’s name

4. This will send a temporary password to the email address on file for this student

5. Once the student logs in with the temporary password they received, they can update their password by: hovering over their name > clicking on Settings > selecting the Password tab.

6. Click Save

  • Students can also reset their password via the Log In page.
  • Since students often have multiple email addresses, please ensure a student is checking the correct email address. You can access a student’s email address via a student’s settings, on their individual dashboard summary page.

Q: How can a teacher locate a student’s username?

Student usernames can be found in several places: (i) On the Access page; (ii) On the student’s individual page, along the top and under their name; (iii) Running a Summary report.

How do I access Student Settings 2