(New Version 2020) How do I add a Volunteer Opportunity or Placement/Position?

  • To add a new Position, click the  button on the left toolbar
  •  Click on the desired employer then selecting the  icon
  • On the Positions page, click the icon to create a new position, or select  to generate a pre-existing position
  • Fill out the following fields to create a position
  • General
    – Position Name
    – Type (Placement or Volunteer)
    – Date Range
    – Contact person
    – Address
    – Description (i.e Tasks and Activities)
    – Publication Dates
    – Mark the opportunity Published to keep private, or Published for all students to view
  • Expectations
  • Goal & Benefits
  • Qualifications & Training
  • Scheduling (add the time commitment duration, and timeslots for the position)
  • Demographics (Age, Gender, etc..)
  • Required Skills
  • Developed Skills (Which skills are developed in this opportunity?)
  • Once all the skills are filled out, click  to see how students view the position/opportunity