How do I Locate Unapproved Hours?

If you would like to quickly locate your students’ unapproved hours, then please follow these steps:

1. Go to the  section

2. Next, locate the Detailed Hours report and click on it

3. Scroll down and set the Category, Status, and Approved filters to the following:

NOTE: You can also change filters like the Date Range if you would only like to see specific unapproved hours.

4. Click the  button and this will show you all the unapproved hours at your school. The report can also be exported to Excel.

How do I Create a PDF Version of Reports?

You can create a PDF version of reports by following these steps:

1. Click on the  tab on the left sidebar.

2. Select the desired report. Once you apply all the filters, click .

3. You will be taken to a web version of the report, right-click anywhere on the page to open up a menu. Select the Print… option.

4. Once you click Print… a pop up menu will appear. Set the Destination to Save as PDF.

4. Select the  button at the bottom of the page.

5. Save the file to a location on your device.

How can I view when my student registered or logged in last?

There are four places teachers can see data on student registration.

1. Click the high school icon  on the left tool bar, select  the ‘Sign Up Codes’ icon, select the code you would like to review. This will display a list of all the students who signed up using the code which includes their registration date and time.

2. Click  icon to view students Last Login on the Student Dashboard.

3. Click  icon, then the student profile, select the information icon, Under the General tab you will see the sign up date
4. Teachers can select the  icon, Click the Registered Students Report to see the date the student registered on Hour Republic.

How do I generate a report?

To begin, select Reports icon on the left tool bar 

1. You can choose to generate reports for General Information, Demographics, Hours, Scheduling, Statistics, Organization/Employer, and Reflection/Journals

2. Select the report type you would like to generate

3. Use the search bar, date range and filters to customize the report and sort the data or leave it as default to generate all data

4. When you are ready, click the in the top right corner to generate the report

5. A separate tab will open up with a report, but you can also download the report by clicking  to customize the report further


How to Generate an Hour Report

1.  Select the  tab

2. Scroll down to the Hours section and select a report, we recommend the Overalls Hour Report.

3. There will be a number of filters which you can adjust. If you are looking to run a report on your class, make sure you set the Class filter to your class, otherwise, the report will encompass your entire school.

4. Once you are done adjusting the filters, click .

5. You can now export your report to Excel by selecting .