A Student is Missing When Creating Forms

If you are having trouble locating a student when creating a form, then please read below for possible reasons.

A) The student is being filtered out

Remember to check your filters! This is one of the most common reasons a student cannot be located when creating forms. It’s possible that students are being filtered out by one or more of the following filters:

The most common culprit is the Semester filter.

  • Students who were previously enrolled in co-op may still be associated with their previous semester.
  • The student may be associated with a different semester in the file that your IT department shares with us.
  • Our semester filter defaults to the current semester (i.e. around Feb 1st, the semester filter switches to Sem 2). There is a time period, close to semester change, where you may want to locate students for an upcoming semester. Students may be associated with the upcoming semester.

You can remove filters by clicking on them and setting them to All or by clicking on the x located inside the drop-down: 

TIP: You can update a student's semester by going to their profile and updating their Semester field:

B) Student data has not been shared with us yet

If the student is still not showing up after the filters have been cleared, this means that they probably are not in our database.

If the student has just joined your co-op/ class, it can take up to 24 hours for their data to become available in our system. It depends on when the data is captured by your IT department and when it is subsequently shared with us.

If 24 hours have passed and the student is not accessible when creating a form, then we recommend reaching out to our customer service team at info[@]charityrepublic.com. Please share the full name of the student and their OEN.



Forms FAQ Guide

Need some help navigating our Form software? You’ve come to the right place.

•    How do I access the Forms (document generation) software?

Form FAQs
•    Teachers: How do Teachers create forms in Hour Republic?
•    Students: How do Students create forms in Hour Republic?
•   How do I add and send email signature requests?
•    E-Signature Features
•    Exporting and printing forms and learning plans
•    How do I add expectations to learning plans?
•    How do I copy or re-use an existing form or learning plan?
•    How do employers and parents/guardians provide e-signatures?
•   How do I Find a Missing Student in the Forms Software?

•   How do Employers and Parents/Guardians provide e-signatures?
•   How do I create employer specific expectations for the SCELP form?
•   Tips for Searching Employers 
•   How do I add contacts to an employer profile?
•   How do I add an employer or edit an existing employer?
•   How do I add positions to an employer profile?
•   How do I add employer expectations?


OYAP: How to Export / Print Forms, Letters, Certificates and Cards

Export and print OYAP forms for one student 

After creating an OYAP form for a student, click the Export button in the
top-right corner of the form. You can choose to export the following OYAP forms:

  • OYAP Participant Application Form, sections 1 & 2 (“Form PDF”)
    The OYAP card appears on page 4 of this document.
  • OYAP Letter
  • OYAP Certificate
    This OYAP certificate is meant to be printed on the Ministry's OYAP paper template that is used for certificates

Export and print OYAP forms for multiple students

  1.  In the main Form section, under Recent Forms, (i) select the OYAP Form under the Recent Forms section and then, (ii) select the student forms that you wish to export
  2. Click on the Export Forms icon. You can choose to export the Form PDF, OYAP Certificate or the OYAP Letter. Once exported, the forms are collated into one PDF document that teachers can download or print.

Comments & Attachments

Teachers can add comments and attachments to forms. These sections are located at the bottom of each form.


Click to expand the Attachment section, and Choose File.

Select the file you wish to attach, and the file will automatically be attached to the bottom of your form, as follows:


Click to expand the Comment section. Add a comment and click Post.

By default, comments are “private’. If you want the student that is associated with the form to view your comment, then click the Public checkbox.

Each comment can be edited or deleted (by teachers only).

Indicators – Recent Form Section

In the Recent Forms section, each form shows comment, attachment and e-signature indicators as follows:

You can hover over each indicator. For example, if you hover over the attachment icon, it will show you how many attachments have been added to a particular form.

Overview of E-signature Features in Hour Republic

Below is a summary of e-signature features in Hour Republic

Who can e-sign documents?

Students, Parents, Employers and Teachers can e-sign forms (FAQ)

Do the names and email addresses of signees auto-populate?

Yes! For example, the employer’s First Name, Last Name and Email address auto-populate e-signatures (if that information has been added to the form or employer database in Hour Republic). The same is true for Students, Parents and Teachers.

How do teachers know if an e-signature request has been sent?

An indication of when an e-signature request was sent is shown to teachers on a form (e.g. Email sent to info@charityrepublic.com on Nov 7, 2022 9:31am)

E-signature requests can also be re-sent as well (i.e. if a teacher needs to send out an e-signature reminder).

Can teachers send a message with an e-signature request?

Teachers can add messages to their e-signature requests and these messages will appear in the email (i.e. an employer will see the teacher’s message in the body of the email).

Can teachers save their e-signatures in Hour Republic?

Teachers can save their e-signatures and then easily append their e-signature to subsequent forms (FAQ).

How do students e-sign documents?

Students can e-sign forms directly from their accounts, or via email.

How do Employers and Parents e-sign documents?

Our FAQ explains how Employers and Parents can e-sign documents.

Teachers can also copy an e-signature url and share it with any signee (e.g. employer, parent, student). In the signature section of a form, simply click on the “Copy e-signature link” and paste that link into any message. That will take an employer, for instance, directly to a form that they can proceed to e-sign. This is a helpful alternative when employers have not received an e-signature request via email. Or, when you need someone else to sign off on a form (e.g. supervisor who is covering for a colleague).

Can teachers send multiple e-signature requests at the same time?

Yes, you can send multiple e-signature requests (e.g. e-signature request sent to an employer, parent and student at the same time) for a particular form. Just click the Email All option at the bottom of a form.

Does the e-signature export to a document PDF? How will the e-signature appear in a PDF?

Yes, the e-signature will export to any form PDF. Here is an example:

How do I know if an e-signature has been added to a form?

When viewing a form, all e-signatures will appear at the bottom of each form, as follows:

In the Recent Forms section, each form shows comment, attachment and e-signature indicators as follows:

If you hover over the the e-signature progress bar, it will show you how many e-signatures have been added to a particular form.

Also, in the Report section, the WEA, OYAP and SCELP reports have columns which show if an e-signature has been added to a student’s form.


When you create a form for the first time, the form is automatically autofilled. If employer, student and school data have later been revised outside of a form (e.g. in the employer database) and you want to go back and update a previously created form (without having to manually type out that information), then use the Re-autofill button.

At the top of each form, you will notice 3-dots: 

Click on the 3-dots in the top-right and then click Re-autofill to proceed. This will autofill your form to include the new updates.

NOTE: As mentioned, when you create a form for the first time, the form is automatically autofilled. If you revised this original autofilled data and then click the Re-autofill button, the form will autofill those modified fields back to their original state. For example, we autofill the schedule in the WEA as "Monday to Friday". If you modified the schedule, then clicked Re-autofill, the schedule would be returned to the original state of "Monday to Friday".

Adding employer expectations

Adding new expectations to an employer’s profile

1. In the Organizations / Employers section, select an employer and click on the Position section under an employer’s profile.

2. Click on the listed position (e.g. Warehouse Sorter)

3. Select the Expectations section

4. Add Expectations, modify existing expectations or delete expectations

5. Click Save to save any updates.

Any new, existing or revised employer expectations will be accessible via a student’s learning plan.

Adding employer expectations to a learning plan

1. Click the Choose employer expectations button

2.  Select the Employer / Position section

3. Click to Choose an employer. Use this as a search field to locate an employer/position (e.g. type “Food” to locate Food Bank).

Note: Soon, this will only default to the employer already selected for the student. 

4. Once an employer (and related position) are selected, employer expectations will appear. Select the relevant expectations, and click Done.

These expectations will now appear in your learning plan.

Creating a Form or Learning Plan in Hour Republic

#1: Click on the Forms tab in Hour Republic to create a new form

#2: Click Create Forms
[this is an option if you prefer to select your students first]


Select one or more form(s) that you wish to create (e.g. check off Learning Plan, WEA and OYAP)
[this is an option if you prefer to select your forms first]

#3: Click the Create Forms button in the top right corner (if you haven’t already)

#4: Select one or all of the students that you would like to create a form(s) for, then click Next.

TIP: You can create multiple forms for multiple students at the same time.

#5: Begin filling out or editing the form for your student(s)
We autofill your form with student data that was imported (shared by your school board's IT department)


#6: Most forms will have the option to Add Course Details and/or Add Employer Details.

Click the Add button to view and select from a list of all the Ministry of Education courses. Click the Add button again to add multiple for a student.

#7: Add the Employer information

There are 2 ways to add an employer. You can either search for an existing employer or add a new employer. Before adding a new employer, please ensure that you have searched for your employer first, in order to avoid duplicates.

Add an Existing Employer
The search bar is smart. If you type in a few letters, it will find a match. Once you have selected an employer, select the Contact and Student Position (i.e. Cashier).
Adding a New Employer
If you are unable to find an employer via a search, click the Add Employer button to create a new employer. You can follow this FAQ to add a new employer.

#8: Fill out the remainder of the form.

#9: Once the form is complete, you can either
– Save, Finish or Export PDF
– Print
– Sign electronically
– Email a request(s) for e-signatures

Existing and Copying Forms

From the main forms tab (Recent Forms), you can view all recent forms. When you check off the box beside a form, you have the option to Edit, Copy, Export or Delete the form.

If you click the Copy option, a new student page will pop-up. Select a student(s) that you would like to copy the form(s) to. This will copy over the all of the form details from one student to another. Now, you can open up the copied forms and edit them as needed.

How do I add expectations to learning plans?

Select the student learning plan and scroll to the bottom of the learning plan.

1. Click the Choose Expectations button  (under Course Expectations or Employer Expectations groups at the bottom of your plan)

2. From the pop-up menu, select the relevant tab (e.g. Curriculum) and “Choose” from the drop-down:

(i) Course Expectations
– All Curriculum
– Overall Course Favourites

(ii) Employer Expectations
– Occupations (NOC)
– Trades

3. Select the relevant expectation(s) by clicking on the expectation (e.g. A1.2 in the screenshot below)

When you click on an expectation, it will be included in the learning plan and a check mark will appear under the Selected column to indicate this (outlined in green above).

Once you are done selecting expectations, click the Done button and you will see the expectation included.

4. Save the learning plan or Save and Export


What if my expectation is not listed?

(i) You can insert your own expectation by clicking



How do I copy or re-use an existing form or learning plan?

Copying forms or learning plans allows you to use pre-existing forms rather than creating each form or learning plan from scratch.

We recommend starting with one student and using that student as the model student for OYAP and WEA forms for instance (e.g. for the WEA, copying fields like insurance coverage, placement dates, and schedule from one student to another). For learning plans, the copy feature allows you to copy learning goals, course expectations, employer expectations, etc. from one student to another.

*You can use the copy feature even if a student has a completely different employer and/or course.

#1: Click on the Forms tab in Hour Republic

#2: Click a form that you would like to use then click the Copy button

#3: A separate page will pop-up and allow you to select all the students you would like to copy the form for

#4: Click Copy Forms

  • The form will auto-fill with relevant student information and all other field will copy over (e.g. Placement Start and End Dates).
  • If you are creating an OYAP form, you will need to check off the Registrant box at the top of the form in order to auto-fill sections one (Participant) and two (Registrant) of the form.