How do students add e-signatures to forms & to their account settings?

You can save time and paper by having employers, parents/guardians, and teachers/coordinators sign your documents through e-signatures. Please follow these steps to learn more:

Once a form has been created for you (see FAQ), you will notice signature fields at the bottom of the form as follows:

1. Click on a desired signature line

2. A pop-up window will appear where a signature can be added.

3. Ask the signatory to add their signature to the line, and to enter their First name, Last name and Email address

NOTE: The signature can be added to any touch screen with a finger or stylus; a signature can also be added via any computer with a computer mouse

4. Click

5. After signing the form, the following screen will appear:


6. Click

Once a signature is confirmed, the signature will appear on the web form as follows:

6. Click  in order to save the signature, or  the form in order to export the signature to a PDF form. Print the PDF form or save the form electronically when you are ready!

My Signature

You will notice a My Signature button. Teachers can save their signatures to their Account settings in the form software (see image below). Follow steps 1 to 5 in order to add a signature to your Account settings.

After you save a signature to your account settings, this signature can be added to any form by clicking the My Signature button.


1. Click on the signature line under your Account settings.

2. A pop-up window will appear where a signature can be added

  • Add a signature using your finger (for touch screens) or a computer mouse, and enter your First name, Last name and Email address


3. Click Sign

4. After signing the form, the following screen will appear:


5. Click Confirm

Once a signature is confirmed, the signature will appear on the account as follows:

6. Click Save to complete the process.

Registering for Hour Republic via Google (Teachers)

Please note that teacher accounts undergo an internal verification process before access is provided. For quicker access, please email             info[at] and notify our team when you have registered for a teacher account.

#1. Click here to start the teacher registration process.

#2. Click the Sign up with Google button

Only use the email address assigned to you by your school district or institution. Do not use your personal email address unless told otherwise.

➡️ You might also see Google in the top-right of your screen (depending on how Chrome is configured). If so, click the Continue button. 

#3. Select your Google account.
If your email account does not automatically appear, then select Use another account

#4. Enter your school-assigned Email address (or confirm that it is accurate), and click Next

#5. Enter the password associated with your Google account, and click Next, then Confirm

#6. Select your School District or Institution as well as your School or Program, and click Next

➡️ If the email domain that you tried registering with does not match, then you will see a message like this:

#7. Complete the registration form and click Next

Password Tips
– Passwords require a length of at least 8 characters
– 8 character passwords require at least one special character
– Passwords with 9 or more characters don’t need any special characters, capitals or numbers
– We recommend creating a password that consists of 2 random words (or more) followed by a 3 character number. For example: word-word-word#

Congratulations and welcome to Hour Republic! 😀


Already have an account?
If you registered for an Hour Republic account previously, then you will be redirected to the Sign In page. Please login, or reset your password if necessary.

How do students generate a Student Workplace Preferences form?

Below are instructions for students on how to generate the Student Workplace Preferences form.

 Register for an Hour Republic account

Login to your UGCloud portal and click on the VLE (Brightspace) icon. 

From here, click on the Hour Republic icon (bottom-right) and register as a student 
– The OEN field is not required (optional)
– Your teacher may provide you with a signup code. If so, add that code to the Signup Code field.

Please only register once. After registering, when you click on the Hour Republic icon in the future, it automatically logs you in.

Search for Placement Opportunities

Click on the Opportunities section  in the left panel.
Here, you can view placement opportunities by Organization, Position, Location, and Sector.

Click on a specific placement to review any details associated with the placement – this includes the placement description, qualifications and contact information.

Create a Student Workplace Preferences form

*Reminder to only create one Student Workplace Preferences form.

#1: Click on the Forms tab in Hour Republic

#2: Select the Student Workplace Preferences Form by clicking the checkbox on the left-hand side, under the Recent Forms heading

#3: Click the Create Forms button in the top-right corner

#4: Begin filling out or editing your form

If you don't have a semester or teacher selected at the top of your form, then you can set it by clicking the Edit button next to appropriate field. 
Note: There are 5 employer options listed (see example below for “Employer 1”). Select your Top 5 employers by completing the following fields for each:
– Rank
– Employer (i.e. Company name)
– Position (i.e. Job Title)
– Sector

: Once the form is complete, click Save or Finish
Click Cancel if you do not want to save your form or any revisions
– Click Export to view your form in PDF format.

– You can download or print your form after it is exported: 


All new Student Workplace Preferences form(s) that you or your teacher create will appear under Recent Forms on the right-side of your screen. Click on the form that you just created to Edit.

Adding employer expectations

Adding new expectations to an employer’s profile

1. In the Organizations / Employers section, select an employer and click on the Position section under an employer’s profile.

2. Click on the listed position (e.g. Warehouse Sorter)

3. Select the Expectations section

4. Add Expectations, modify existing expectations or delete expectations

5. Click Save to save any updates.

Any new, existing or revised employer expectations will be accessible via a student’s learning plan.

Copying expectations from another employer

In the same section, click the Choose Employer Expectation button: 

A Search box will appear. Search for the desired employer/position and select the relevant expectations. Click Done when expectations have been selected.

Click Save.

Adding employer expectations to a learning plan

1. Click the Choose employer expectations button

2.  Select the Employer / Position section

3. Click to Choose an employer. Use this as a search field to locate an employer/position (e.g. type “Food” to locate Food Bank).

Note: Soon, this will only default to the employer already selected for the student. 

4. Once an employer (and related position) are selected, employer expectations will appear. Select the relevant expectations, and click Done.

These expectations will now appear in your learning plan.