How do Teachers/Coordinators mark Reflections/Journal topics?

Q: How do I mark a Student’s Reflection?

A: Under the Students Section, select a student’s name then click on the Reflections icon  to review, mark and leave comments on students’ reflections.

1. Click on the desired Reflection

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Mark section

3. Enter in a mark (eg. 7/10, 3 out of 5, 75%, A+, etc.) and comment (optional)

4. Click the Save and Approve button at the top of the page to save the mark and comment.

NOTE: The student can view this mark in the student Reflection section

How do Teachers/Coordinators add new Reflection/Journal topics?

Q: How do Teachers/Coordinators add new Reflection/Journal topics?

A: To begin adding a new topic, click   on the left toolbar

1. Click theicon in the corner

2. Enter a Topic name and Description


3. Input the Start Date and End Date (the dates your students can view topics e.g. one week or over a period of 4 weeks).

4. Choose whether to add the topic as a School Reflection. Selecting this will allow for all teachers/coordinators at the school to access the topic

5. Add any attachments (i.e. PDF, Word Documents, Excel, Pictures, etc..)

6. To finish, select the  button in the top right corner

NOTE: Once the end date has passed, students will no longer be able to see the Reflection.

Q: How do I modify the order that students view Reflection/Journal topics?

A: To change the order of how students view the topic:

1. Click   on the left toolbar

2. Hold and drag the toggle icon in on the left hand side to rearrange a topic above or below another topic

3. This will automatically move the topic in place and save in the new order that you would like it to appear for students