How do I add and send email signature requests?

All forms now have an e-signature option! Once a form has been created for a student, you will notice signature fields at the bottom of the form as follows:

1. Click on the ‘Tap or click to sign’ line

2. A pop-up window will appear where a signature can be added
*Ask the signatory to add their signature to the line, and to enter their First name, Last name and Email address

NOTE: The signature can be added to any touch screen with a finger or stylus; a signature can also be added via any computer with a computer mouse

3. Click Sign
Once a signature is confirmed, the signature will appear on the web form as follows:

4. Click Save in order to save the signature, or Save and Export the form in order to export the signature to a PDF form. Print the PDF form or save the form electronically when you are ready!

My Signature

You will notice a Insert My Signature button. Teachers can save their signatures to make signing forms quicker.

1. Click the Save as my signature button to save your signature for future forms

Email Requests for E-Signatures

Teachers can send Employers, Parent/Guardians and Students email requests to sign forms and plans electronically.

  1. Click on the  tab
  2. Complete a form/plan and scroll to the bottom
  3. Click the +Email link
  4. Input the email address and click ‘Save & Send’ then confirm submission details