Tips for Searching Employers

Before adding a new employer, please ensure that you have searched the employer database first.

The search bar is smart. If you type in a few letters, it will find a match. It is better to type in a few letters than the entire name of an employer just in case it is spelled differently.

If you type in “Tim”, then anything with “Tim” will come up. If you type in “Hor”, then all of the Tim Hortons stores will come up. But if you type in “Horton’s” into the search bar, our system will not recognize the apostrophe if the employer is not spelled that way.

For instance, we want to avoid this: “Community Living X County” spelled 3 different ways:

Community Living X County
Community Living- X
X County Association for Community Living

Other tips to consider:

Sometimes a company will have “and” in their name, or use “&” instead:
Tool & Mould, versus Tool and Mould

Sometimes a word is spelled incorrectly:
“Day care” versus “Daycare”

Sometimes there is an apostrophe, and sometimes not:
Gilligan’s Restaurant vs Gilligans Restaurant

Please keep this in mind when searching for employers and before adding a new one. We want to avoid adding duplicates to the system.