(New Version 2020) How do students add hours?

Students can start to add hours by selecting the  icon on the left toolbar

  • To begin, they will select the button in the top right corner of the page
  • Students have the option to Label their hours (e.g. Week 1)
  • Under Category, they can choose from Extracurricular, Placement, Peer Tutor and Volunteer hours
  • Next, they will need to search for an Organization/Employer. If the employer is not present, they can add a new one by clicking the icon
  • Please have the students fill out the Organization Name, Supervisor Name, Email, Phone Number, and their Position (e.g. Cashier)
  • Students can add a Description of what they did during their work hours
  • For the Type of Hours field, students can either add hours as a Block (e.g. weekly, monthly etc..)
    OR Shift, where they can add the specific date and time (i.e. September 9th, 9:00am-5:00pm).
  • Once the student has added and reviewed their hours, they can either select button to save the hours as a draft, or submit to their Employer.
  • If a student selects Placement under the Category type, then the hours will automatically change the Hour Type to a weekly block
  • Under Skills Learned, students must add at least one new skill that they learned during their placement (e.g. Customer Service, Oral Communication)
  • The week will automatically begin on the Monday of the current week and each day will be listed for students to begin adding shifts
  • To add a new shift, they simply click the + symbol beside the days they worked
  • The hours will automatically be set to Placement (Unpaid), however, students can also track Placement (Paid), In-School/Integration, Pre-Placement and Dual Credit hours
  • If the student takes a Lunch/Break this will deduct minutes from the overall hours
  • Students should select the Absent or Late boxes to mark their attendance
  • Students can also add two shifts for one day by selecting the + symbol twice
  • Once the student has added and reviewed their hours, they can select either button to Save the hours as a draft, or Save and Submit to send to their Employer.
NOTE: What is the difference between , and ?
  • When clicking , the hours are submitted to the placement supervisor, and become “Pending” hours
  • When clicking  a teacher/coordinator is approving the hours, and the hours become “Verified” (only teachers/coordinators have access to this button)
  • When students select “Placement” for the first time from the drop-down menu while adding hours, Placement becomes their new default hour type.