(New Version 2020) How do I create a new signup code for my class?

Create a sign up code for your students before they register for accounts.

To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar 

  • Click this icon  to access Signup Codes
  • Select the  to create a new signup code
  • Either create your own random code (i.e. HogwartsFall2019) or click the Randomize button to create a random code
    NOTE: The codes must be at least 5 characters.
  • Under the Student Settings section, you have the option to add the Year Started (year student started Grade 9, or year student started College/University), the semester associated, and/or select the Type of Student (Co-op, Dual Credit, SHSM, or Volunteer).
    NOTE: You can select multiple types of students
  • Once you have created a class, you can also add multiple classes under one code. Click here to learn how to create a new class.
  • Click Save to finish adding a new code
    NOTE: Once saved,  you can view which students are associated with the sign up code by scrolling to the bottom of the page