A Student is Missing When Creating Forms

If you are having trouble locating a student when creating a form, then please read below for possible reasons.

A) The student is being filtered out

Remember to check your filters! This is one of the most common reasons a student cannot be located when creating forms. It’s possible that students are being filtered out by one or more of the following filters:

The most common culprit is the Semester filter.

  • Students who were previously enrolled in co-op may still be associated with their previous semester.
  • The student may be associated with a different semester in the file that your IT department shares with us.
  • Our semester filter defaults to the current semester (i.e. around Feb 1st, the semester filter switches to Sem 2). There is a time period, close to semester change, where you may want to locate students for an upcoming semester. Students may be associated with the upcoming semester.

You can remove filters by clicking on them and setting them to All or by clicking on the x located inside the drop-down: 

TIP: You can update a student's semester by going to their profile and updating their Semester field:

B) Student data has not been shared with us yet

If the student is still not showing up after the filters have been cleared, this means that they probably are not in our database.

If the student has just joined your co-op/ class, it can take up to 24 hours for their data to become available in our system. It depends on when the data is captured by your IT department and when it is subsequently shared with us.

If 24 hours have passed and the student is not accessible when creating a form, then we recommend reaching out to our customer service team at info[@]charityrepublic.com. Please share the full name of the student and their OEN.