Mass e-signature requests

How do I send an e-signature request to more than one person & for more than one form at the same time?

#1. Select one or more form(s)

➡️ Teachers can select different forms & multiple students. 

Example of selecting more than one student and form type (e.g. WEA and OYAP forms):

#2. Select the mass email icon at the top of your screen 

#3. Select the signature type from the drop-down

➡️Teachers might not see certain signature types (e.g. parent signature) because the selected form does not have that signature type.
e.g. If a form does not have a Parent e-signature, then Parent Signature will not show up as an option in the drop-down.

#4. Make your selection: select student(s) by form type and click

 Teachers have the option to add a message. This message will apply to all selected students and forms.

➡️ You will be asked to confirm your selection one more time (Are you sure you want to send these signature requests?). Click Send again.

Can I send an e-signature request for more than one form?


Can I send an e-signature request for more than one student?


Can I send an e-signature request to more than one employer? More than one parent?


Can I send an e-signature request to employers & parents at the same time?

No, not for mass e-signature requests. Teachers can only pick one signature type at a time (e.g. employer e-signature request). Teachers can send multiple parent e-signature requests (for multiple students) at the same time; the same is true for employer e-signature requests.

➡️ However, within an individual form, teachers can send e-signature requests to the parent, employer and student at the same time (FAQ).

Are the requests for each form combined into one email or sent separately?

When using the mass e-signature feature, e-signature requests for multiple forms are combined into one email.

For example, if teachers send an employer a request to sign 2 different forms, then both forms will appear in one email.

How do teachers know if an e-signature request has been sent?

A Request Already Sent section will appear:

Why do I need to select a section for certain forms?

If more than one of the same signature type exists on a form, then those signature requests must be sent separately (i.e. 2 different parent signatures on the same form).

I selected a student’s form but the Parent/Employer Signature request does not show up.

It’s possible that the form has already been signed. If that’s the case, then the request to sign will no longer appear. For example, if a parent e-signature request is selected but the parent has already signed the form, then the request to sign will no longer appear.


What if an email address is missing?

If an email address is missing, then teachers have the option to Edit and add an email address.

  • For parents, the email address pulls from the form or the Contact section.
  • For employers, the email address pulls from the selected employer in the form.

Tags for students

Tags are used to easily identify SHSM and OYAP students in Hour Republic.

How do I add a tag?

Option #1. The Tag section can be accessed under a student’s profile: 
Simply check off the desired tag(s), and Save.

Option #2. Tags are automatically set when a new OYAP and/or SHSM form is created, or when an OYAP or SHSM form is modified and saved.

Option #3. If your IT department has indicated that a student is an OYAP or SHSM student (in the file that is shared with us), then tags are automatically set for a student.

NOTE: Option #2 and #3 are 'going forward' features. These tags will only appear for recently created forms or recently imported students because this feature did not exist previously.

Appearance of tags

(i) Tags appear at the top of a student’s profile: 

(ii) Tags appear when selecting students to create a new form: 

(iii) Tags appear for already created forms:

Imported tag 

You may notice an Imported tag when you are selecting students to create new forms. This means that your IT department provided us with student data and this data was imported. If an Imported tag does not appear, then the student simply registered an account and was not imported.

NOTE: This is a 'going forward' feature. The Imported tag will only appear for recently imported students because this feature did not exist previously.

How to Locate Volunteer & Placement Opportunities

Click on the Opportunities section  in the left panel or,
locate opportunities from your Dashboard.

In the Opportunities section, you can view placement opportunities by Organization, Position, Location, and Sector. If a placement has an address set, then it will appear on the map as well.

Examples of opportunities:

Click on a specific placement to review any details associated with the placement – this includes the placement description, qualifications and contact information.

Registering for Hour Republic via Google (Teachers)

Please note that teacher accounts undergo an internal verification process before access is provided. For quicker access, please email             info[at] and notify our team when you have registered for a teacher account.

#1. Click here to start the teacher registration process.

#2. Click the Sign up with Google button

Only use the email address assigned to you by your school district or institution. Do not use your personal email address unless told otherwise.

➡️ You might also see Google in the top-right of your screen (depending on how Chrome is configured). If so, click the Continue button. 

#3. Select your Google account.
If your email account does not automatically appear, then select Use another account

#4. Enter your school-assigned Email address (or confirm that it is accurate), and click Next

#5. Enter the password associated with your Google account, and click Next, then Confirm

#6. Select your School District or Institution as well as your School or Program, and click Next

➡️ If the email domain that you tried registering with does not match, then you will see a message like this:

#7. Complete the registration form and click Next

Password Tips
– Passwords require a length of at least 8 characters
– 8 character passwords require at least one special character
– Passwords with 9 or more characters don’t need any special characters, capitals or numbers
– We recommend creating a password that consists of 2 random words (or more) followed by a 3 character number. For example: word-word-word#

Congratulations and welcome to Hour Republic! 😀


Already have an account?
If you registered for an Hour Republic account previously, then you will be redirected to the Sign In page. Please login, or reset your password if necessary.

CLASSES: Create a New Class / Add or Remove Students / Add a Date Range / Add a Sign Up Code

Classes are used by teachers to organize students into groups (e.g. Semester 1 co-op students).

The Signup Code is used to easily attach students to a Class. i.e. when students enter the provided Signup Code into their registration form, they automatically get added to the Class.

e.g. Class name: Semester 1, 2023-2024 [teacher name]
Signup Code: 2023sem1

Creating a Class

#1. To begin creating a new class, select your high school on the left tool bar 

#2. Click the Classes icon 

#3. Select the  in the top right corner to create a new class

#4. Enter a name for your Class, you choose! It’s your way of organizing students:
(e.g. Sem 2 2023-24, or Sem 2 Winter 2024)

#5. Add a date range to your class (e.g. from the first day of a semester to the last day of a semester).  The progress bar will reset to zero for returning students, simply hiding logs from previous semesters.

TIP: Students need to select the Class filter (e.g. Sem 2 2020-21) in the Hour section in order for the date range to take effect.
TIP: Beside Total Submissions in the Hour section, we indicate how many submissions are hidden when the Class filter is selected (e.g. 15 submissions hidden by filter).

#6. You will automatically be added as a teacher/coordinator table when you create a new class.

TIP: To remove a teacher from your class code, simply click the "-" symbol beside a teacher's name, and click 
TIP: To add another teacher/coordinator, click the symbol. Use the search bar, or filters to locate teachers/coordinators, then click the check box beside the teacher's/coordinator's name to add them to the class, then Done.

#7. Click  to create this new class

Signup Code

#8. This will cause the sign up code table to pop up and allow you to create sign up code for your class by clicking the  symbol.

NOTE: Providing this code to your class will automatically assign them to it when they register with the code.

#9.  Enter a sign up code or select the  button to have one created for you:

TIP: Keep your sign up code simple to avoid students from making typos!

#10. To finish, click

Congratulations! Your class is ready to go😀

Adding / Removing a Student from a Class

Students are automatically added to your Class when they register with the Sign Up Code you provided.
NOTE: Students must register an account before they can be added to a Class.

#1. To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar to access the main administrator section

#2. Click the Classes icon 

#3. From the table, click on the class that you would like to add or remove a student from.

#4. To add a student, click the symbol in the second table (with the Student column).
Search the list, or use the search bar, or use the filters to locate student(s). Select a student by clicking the check box beside the student’s name, and Done.

TIP: To remove a student from the class, click the "-" remove icon beside the student's name.

#5. To finish, click