CLASSES: Create a New Class / Add or Remove Students / Add a Date Range / Add a Sign Up Code

Classes are used by teachers to organize students into groups (e.g. Semester 1 co-op students).

The Signup Code is used to easily attach students to a Class. i.e. when students enter the provided Signup Code into their registration form, they automatically get added to the Class.

e.g. Class name: Semester 1, 2023-2024 [teacher name]
Signup Code: 2023sem1

Creating a Class

#1. To begin creating a new class, select your high school on the left tool bar 

#2. Click the Classes icon 

#3. Select the  in the top right corner to create a new class

#4. Enter a name for your Class, you choose! It’s your way of organizing students:
(e.g. Sem 2 2023-24, or Sem 2 Winter 2024)

#5. Add a date range to your class (e.g. from the first day of a semester to the last day of a semester).  The progress bar will reset to zero for returning students, simply hiding logs from previous semesters.

TIP: Students need to select the Class filter (e.g. Sem 2 2020-21) in the Hour section in order for the date range to take effect.
TIP: Beside Total Submissions in the Hour section, we indicate how many submissions are hidden when the Class filter is selected (e.g. 15 submissions hidden by filter).

#6. You will automatically be added as a teacher/coordinator table when you create a new class.

TIP: To remove a teacher from your class code, simply click the "-" symbol beside a teacher's name, and click 
TIP: To add another teacher/coordinator, click the symbol. Use the search bar, or filters to locate teachers/coordinators, then click the check box beside the teacher's/coordinator's name to add them to the class, then Done.

#7. Click  to create this new class

Signup Code

#8. This will cause the sign up code table to pop up and allow you to create sign up code for your class by clicking the  symbol.

NOTE: Providing this code to your class will automatically assign them to it when they register with the code.

#9.  Enter a sign up code or select the  button to have one created for you:

TIP: Keep your sign up code simple to avoid students from making typos!

#10. To finish, click

Congratulations! Your class is ready to go😀

Adding / Removing a Student from a Class

Students are automatically added to your Class when they register with the Sign Up Code you provided.
NOTE: Students must register an account before they can be added to a Class.

#1. To begin, select your high school on the left tool bar to access the main administrator section

#2. Click the Classes icon 

#3. From the table, click on the class that you would like to add or remove a student from.

#4. To add a student, click the symbol in the second table (with the Student column).
Search the list, or use the search bar, or use the filters to locate student(s). Select a student by clicking the check box beside the student’s name, and Done.

TIP: To remove a student from the class, click the "-" remove icon beside the student's name.

#5. To finish, click