(New Version 2020) How do Teachers/Coordinators add new Reflection/Journal topics?

Q: How do Teachers/Coordinators add new Reflection/Journal topics?

A: To begin adding a new topic, click   on the left toolbar

  • Click theicon in the corner
  • Enter a Topic name and Description


  • Input the Start Date and End Date (the dates your students can view topics e.g. one week or over a period of 4 weeks).

  • Choose whether to add the topic as a School Reflection. Selecting this will allow for all teachers/coordinators at the school to access the topic
  • Add any attachments (i.e. PDF, Word Documents, Excel, Pictures, etc..)
  • To finish, select the  button in the top right corner
  • NOTE: Once the end date has passed, students will no longer be able to see the Reflection.

    Q: How do I modify the order that students view Reflection/Journal topics?

A: To change the order of how students view the topic:

  • Click   on the left toolbar
  • Hold and drag the toggle icon in on the left hand side to rearrange a topic above or below another topic
  • This will automatically move the topic in place and save in the new order that you would like it to appear for students