How do I add new Organizations/Employers?


When adding a new Organization/Employer to Hour Republic, it is important that you fill in the following information. This information will show up for students when they track hours.

1. Organization/Employer name (eg. Best Buy, Walmart)
2. Contact name (i.e. Name of supervisor; make sure to include their email address)
3. Position name (i.e. the position of the student at placement such as Cashier or Kitchen Assistant)


This process can differ depending on whether your school has access to our Forms software:

Access to Forms

1. Click on the Main Administrative tab

2. Click the  tab

3. Select 

No Access to Forms

1. To add a new Organization/Employer, click the  button on the left toolbar

2. Select theicon in the top right corner


1. Fill out the general fields including: Organization/Employer, sector, a description, website link, and School Board/Institution

2. Choose to add a start and end date the Organization/Employer is available


1. Click the logo tab to add an image for the Organization/Employer


1. Select the Address tab and fill out the following fields to generate a location

2. Once you have filled out the address, it will mark the location on a map

3. You can click ‘Remove Address’ to detach the location from the organization/employer or select ‘Add Address’ to create a new one


1. Click the Contacts tab to add new supervisors to an Organization/Employer

2. Along the top of the Organization/Employer page you will find 3 icons
– Use this icon to add notes private/shared notes
–   Add attachments such as PDF, pictures, word documents
–   Create new positions by clicking the icon


1. On the Positions page, click theicon to create a new position, or select  to generate a pre-existing position

2. Fill out the following fields to create a position

  • General
    – Position Name
    – Type (Placement or Volunteer)
    – Date Range
    – Contact person
    – Address
    – Description (i.e Tasks and Activities)
    – Publication Dates
    – Mark the opportunity Published to keep private, or Published for all students to view
  • Expectations
  • Goal & Benefits
  • Qualifications & Training
  • Scheduling
    – Add the time commitment
    – Duration (i.e. September-February or 3 months)
    – Daily timeslots for the position
  • Demographics (Age, Gender, etc..)
  • Required Skills
  • Developed Skills (Which skills are developed in this opportunity?)
  • Once all the skills are filled out, click  to see how students view the position/opportunity