How do I Assign an Organization/Employer to a Student?

Option I – Students Tab

Students normally pick or add new organizations / employers when they add hours for the first time. It’s normally easier that way and less work for teachers / coordinators. However, if you want to do the initial leg work, you can.

NOTE: Organizations / Employers added by students via the Hours section are automatically set to Pending. Teachers / Coordinators can update the status of organizations / employers to Active if they wish.

NOTE: Students do not have access to the Organizations / Employers section which houses the detailed database. However, students can search the database or add new organizations / employers (name of organization / employer, positions and contacts) via the Hour section.

1. Click on the Students tab (left panel).

2. Search and click on the desired student; this will automatically take you to their Hour page.

3. Click on in the top-right corner.

4. Type in the name of the organization / employer (e.g. Food Bank) to search the database. Or, next to the Organization field, you will see a  icon. Click on it to assign and add a new organization / employer to the student.

5. Fill in all the necessary information regarding the organization / employer.

6. if you wish, continue to fill out the information for the hours such as Skills Learned and Description, then select one of several Save options.

Option II – Organizations / Employers Tab

You may want to pre-populate the student employers before students add hours for the first time. If so, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the Organizations/Employers tab (left panel)

2. Click the  in the top-right corner to create a new organization / employer. Or, click on an existing organization / employer to add or edit information.

3. Fill in all of the necessary information regarding the organization / employer. Key sections to complete and support the student, include:

  • Contacts (First Name, Last Name, Email)
  • Position (the job title of the student)

4. Once you finish creating the new organization / employer, click 

5. Now go to the Students tab, and complete the steps in Option 1 above.