How do I Assign an Organization to a Student?

Option I – Students Tab

Students normally pick or add new organizations when they add hours for the first time. It’s normally easier that way and less work for teachers / coordinators. However, if you want to do the intial leg work, you can.

NOTE: Organizations added by students via the Hours section are automatically set to Pending. Teachers / Coordinators can update the status of organizations / employers to Active if they wish.

NOTE: Students do not have access to the Organizations / Employers section which houses the detailed database. However, students can search the database or add new organizations (name of organization, positions and contacts) via the Hour section.

1. Click on the Students tab (left panel).

2. Search and click on the desired student; this will automatically take you to their Hour page.

3. Click on in the top-right corner.

4. Type in the name of the organization (e.g. Food Bank) to search the database. Or, next to the Organization field, you will see a  icon. Click on it to assign and add a new organization to the student.

5. Fill in all the necessary information regarding the organization.

6. if you wish, continue to fill out the information for the hours such as Skills Learned and Description, then select one of several Save options.

Option II – Organizations / Employers Tab

You may want to pre-polulate the student employers before students add hours for the first time. If so, follow the intructions below.

1. Click on the Organizations/Employers tab (left panel)

2. Click the  in the top-right corner to create a new organization. Or, click on an exisitng organization to add or edit information.

3. Fill in all of the necessary information regarding the organization. Key sections to complete and support the student, include:

  • Contacts (First Name, Last Name, Email)
  • Position (the job title of the student)

4. Once you finish creating the new organization, click 

5. Now go to the Students tab, and complete the steps in Option 1 above.