Getting Started Guide for Hour Tracking

1) First, Create a Class

This is how you will organize your students every semester (your ‘bucket’ of students). All of your students will be attached to the Class you created.

FAQ: How do I create a new class?

2) Next, Create a Sign up Code 

This code (ex. Quad1) will link students to your class. Students enter it when they register for their accounts.

FAQ: How do I create a sign up code?

3) Students Register Accounts

Once registered, students will show up in the  image.png section

FAQ: How do students sign-up?

4) Students Track Hours 

Students can access our hour-tracking services by going to their  section

FAQ: How do I add hours?

5) Teachers / Coordinators Monitor Student Progress

Teachers / Coordinators can do anything that a student does on the system.

NOTE: All of our new version FAQs are summarized here.