Forms FAQ Guide

Need some help navigating our Form software? You’ve come to the right place.

•    How do I access the Forms (document generation) software?

Form FAQs
•    Teachers: How do Teachers create forms in Hour Republic?
•    Students: How do Students create forms in Hour Republic?
•   How do I add and send email signature requests?
•    E-Signature Features
•    Exporting and printing forms and learning plans
•    How do I add expectations to learning plans?
•    How do I copy or re-use an existing form or learning plan?
•    How do employers and parents/guardians provide e-signatures?
•   How do I Find a Missing Student in the Forms Software?

•   How do Employers and Parents/Guardians provide e-signatures?
•   How do I create employer specific expectations for the SCELP form?
•   Tips for Searching Employers 
•   How do I add contacts to an employer profile?
•   How do I add an employer or edit an existing employer?
•   How do I add positions to an employer profile?
•   How do I add employer expectations?