How do students delete a reflection?

In need of deleting one your reflections? Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Reflections / Journal Topics tab and click on the reflection you would like to delete

2. Next, click the Delete button

3. Once you click this, you will get a prompt to confirm your decision. Select OK to permanently delete your reflection

NOTE: These steps apply to deleting hours, achievements, notes, check-ins and attachments as well. For example, you can visit your Hours page, click on the hours you would like to delete, then select the Delete button to permanently remove them.


How do students add Volunteer and Other Hours?

Students can start to add hours by selecting the  icon on the left toolbar

1. To begin, they will select the button in the top right corner of the page

2. Students have the option to Label their hours (e.g. Week 1)

3. Under Category, they can choose from Volunteer, Placement / Co-op, Extracurricular, Peer Tutor, Training and/or Faith-Based hours (options vary by school)

4. Next, they will need to search for an Organization/Employer. If the employer is not present, they can add a new one by clicking the icon

5. Please have the students fill out the Organization Name, Supervisor Name, Email, Phone Number, and their Position (e.g. Warehouse Volunteer)

6. Students can add a Skill they learned and a Description of what they did during their work hours

7. For the Type of Hours field, students can either add hours as a Block (e.g. weekly, monthly etc..)
OR Shift, where they can add the specific date and time (i.e. September 9th, 9:00am-5:00pm).

8. Add your Parent/Guardian email.

9. Once the student has added and reviewed their hours, they can either select button to save the hours as a draft, or submit to their Organization/Employer.

How do students copy a log?

Students can create a copy of their hours by clicking  at the right side of the desired hours:

This will allow students to select Copy which creates an identical Draft of the hours.

If students have consistent hours each week (e.g. 9:00am to 12:00pm), then they  can add hours and save those hours as a template. They can leave the template in Draft status and copy that template each week.


Hour Status Definitions

A student has saved (Save button) the information but has not submitted (Save and Submit button) the log for verification.

A student has submitted (Save and Submit button) their log (to an employer for their placement; to a parent/guardian and organization) but it has not been verified or declined yet.

NOTE: Students and teachers/coordinators can re-send the hour log as a reminder to verify hours by clicking the Save and Submit button again. Teachers/coordinators can also Decline a log to turn it back into a Draft log to re-submit for verification.

Student hours were declined by the placement supervisor or by a teacher/coordinator. Possible reasons: the information submitted by the student was not accurate, there was not enough detail, and/or the student forgot to mention a task or project.

Student hours were verified by placement supervisor or by their teacher/coordinator (Save and Approve button).

How do students submit a Reflection/Journal?

Q: How Do I Submit a Reflection?

1. On the left toolbar, Click the  button

2. On the Reflection page, select  the  icon in the top right corner

3. Begin by selecting a topic from a list of Reflection topics available from your teacher/coordinator

4. Once you select a topic, the question and attachments added by your teacher/coordinator will appear

5. Use the Reflection/Journal box to answer the Reflection

6. Select to upload any documents, pictures or PDFs to your submission

7. Choose to Save and Approve or Save your response as draft.

Student Profiles

To begin managing students, click the  tab in the left toolbar


1. Once students sign up, you will be able to view all your students on your dashboard. Teachers/coordinators are able to use the search bar and filters to sort how they see students

2. You can filter students by:

– Status (Active, Inactive, Pending)
– Semester
– Hour type (Extracurricular, Peer Tutor, Placement, Volunteer)
– Hour Status (Draft, Pending, Verified, Rejected)
– Classes (i.e. AM/PM classes, or streams)

3. Click any of the headers to sort the order of students (i.e. A-Z or Last Login)

4. Use the on the right side of the student row to email a student directly, or send them a password reset


1. Click anywhere along the student row to go to a specific student’s profile

2. On the student dashboard, teachers/coordinators are able to manage students individually

3. On the main dashboard, you can view the student’s progress bar, add hours for them, view their weekly logs and use the icons to manage the student’s profile.


1. Click the  icon to manage a student profile

2. Under the General tab teachers/coordinators and students can edit/input basic information including:
– Name, Preferred Name, ID/OEN, School Board/Institution, School/Program, Parent/Guardian’s Email, Year Started, Email, Status, Semester, Sign Up Date, End Date, Associated Course, Username, Login Code

3. Click Profile Picture to upload a photo

4. Under the Demographics tab indicate the Student Type (i.e. Co-op, SHSM, Placement), Gender, DOB, Age Group, Keywords

5. Add Employers

6. Add Emergency Contact

7. Add Contacts

8. Add Addresses

9. Add Volunteer Interests

10. Add Career Interests

11. Add Classes

12. Add Settings (here is where you can set up the total number of hours for each progress bar)


Scroll down to the bottom of the General tab to see the username and email linked to the student’s account


1. Click the  icon to manage student’s Employer/Company

2. To attach an Employer/Company to a student click thein the top right corner

3. Once you have chosen a Client from the drop-down, you can add the Start and End Date, Notes and Save.


You must add Organizations/Employers first before assigning them to students. Click here for instructions.


1. Click the  icon to manage a student’s Availability

2. Click thein the top right corner to begin

3. Under the General tab, add the Date Range of the student’s availability, mark whether the student is available during that date range, and add a description

4. Under the Time Slots tab, a teacher/coordinator or student can mark which days and times the student is available then save


  • Click the  icon to add or manage Notes for a student
  • Select the in the top right corner to begin
  • Add a subject line, check off the Public box if you would like the student to also see the comment, add a note and click Save


1. Click the icon to add attachments to a student’s profile

2. Select the in the top right corner to begin

3. Upload the image or document you would like to attach and add a description (optional)

4. Click Save


1. Click the  icon to add a Reflection

2. Select the in the top right corner to begin

3. Pick a Topic and a question and any attachments relating to the topic will appear

4. Fill in the Reflection/Journal Field

5. Once finished, Save or Save and Submit the Reflection

For more details on how to add a Reflection, Click here


1. Click the icon to add an Achievement such as First Aid Training

2. Select the in the top right corner to begin

3. Under the General tab, select the Achievement Type from the drop-down [or teachers can create their own by clicking ]. Next, fill in the name of the achievement (e.g. Safety Training Workshop) or use the default selected, the completion date, expiry date, and/or a description of the achievement.

4. Next, fill in the information on the Issuer’s name, email, and phone

5. Lastly, add attachments relevant to the achievement

6. Once finished, click Save.

What is Represented by the Approved Check Mark on the Student’s Hour Section?

When a student’s hours are Verified by an employer, a teacher has the ability to ‘Approve’ the hours. This feature is available for both the Placement and Volunteer dashboards.

The purpose of this to serve as an indicator to the student that they are on the right track. The check mark also allows teachers to keep track of which logs they have reviewed to date.

If Verified hours are not approved, they have a light green ‘x’ under the Approved column while Non-Verified hours appear as blank.

How do I delete or cancel pending hours that have already been submitted for verification?

Pending hours can be cancelled and returned to a Draft state where they can be edited if necessary. Hours can also be deleted when they are in a Draft State.

Cancelling Pending Hours

Pending hours can be cancelled by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the page to show your hours and their related status
  2. Locate the Pending hours you wish to cancel
  3. Next, click on the editlink
  4. Once you’re on the Update Volunteer Hours page, scroll down until you reach thecancel button
  5. Click on this button to change your Pending hours into Draft hours

Deleting Draft Hours

Draft hours can be deleted by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the page to show your hours and their related status
  2. Locate the Draft hours you wish to delete
  3. Click on the editlink
  4. Once you’re on the Update Volunteer Hours page, scroll down until you see thedeletebutton
  5. Click on this button to delete your Draft hours



Why isn’t an organization receiving my email to verify hours?

If a contact or organization is not receiving hour logs, then please review the following possible reasons:

  • The contact’s email was entered incorrectly
    If the contact’s email has been inputted incorrectly (e.g. spelling errors), then the student’s submission will not go through. Please ensure that students are submitting their logs to the correct email address.

NOTE: You can confirm a contact’s email by reviewing a student’s hour logs to see which email address has been recorded.

  • Verification emails have not been received by a contact or organization    Emails may not be received by the contact or organization as a result of their inbox being full or their email server being down. To check if this is the case, email the organization directly. If they are experiencing issues with their email, please call the organization to let them know.
  • Verification emails have been sent to the spam or junk folders 
    Emails from “” may be directed to spam or junk folders depending on the email firewall in use by a contact or organization. Please ask the contact to check their Spam and/or Junk folders and to add “” to a Safe List. They can also search their Inbox, searching “Hour Republic”, to locate the email message.

If the organizations needs assistance checking their spam folder or adding our email to their safe list, please send them this FAQ.

If none of the above reasons apply, then there are alternate ways to verify the hours:

  • Re-send the email to the Company or Contact   
    If the company has not verified the hours after a long period of time, please have the student edit their pending hours and click   to resend the verification email to the company or contact.
  • Teachers can “Save and Approve” the Hours       
    If a student cannot contact their organization and their hours are not being verified, guidance can manually save and approve of a student’s hours without verification from the organization.

Draft Email to Employer

I understand that you are not receiving verification emails from Hour Republic.

Sometimes, emails from Hour Republic ( may be directed to your Spam or Junk folders depending on the email firewall in use by your organization. Please check your Spam and/or Junk folders to locate the message.

If you are still unable to locate the email message, then please search your Inbox,  searching for “Hour Republic”, to locate the message.

Finally, you can add “” to a Safe List. This can usually be done directly in your email account, or via your IT department.