Tips for Searching Employers

Before adding a new employer, please ensure that you have searched the employer database first.

The search bar is smart. If you type in a few letters, it will find a match. It is better to type in a few letters than the entire name of an employer just in case it is spelled differently.

If you type in “Tim”, then anything with “Tim” will come up. If you type in “Hor”, then all of the Tim Hortons stores will come up. But if you type in “Horton’s” into the search bar, our system will not recognize the apostrophe if the employer is not spelled that way.

For instance, we want to avoid this: “Community Living X County” spelled 3 different ways:

Community Living X County
Community Living- X
X County Association for Community Living

Other tips to consider:

Sometimes a company will have “and” in their name, or use “&” instead:
Tool & Mould, versus Tool and Mould

Sometimes a word is spelled incorrectly:
“Day care” versus “Daycare”

Sometimes there is an apostrophe, and sometimes not:
Gilligan’s Restaurant vs Gilligans Restaurant

Please keep this in mind when searching for employers and before adding a new one. We want to avoid adding duplicates to the system.

How do I view current and previous student weekly logs?

To locate specific student logs/placement hours, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Student Section
  2. Click on the name of the desired student
  3. Once you’re on the student profile, there will be a Semester option under Add Hours
  4. Click on the drop-down menu and select the appropriate option                                 semester
  5. Lastly, please click on unnamed to filter the logs/hours

Now only logs/hours from that term will appear on the student’s profile.

NOTE: We never delete logs/hours just in case they need to be accessed again.

How do I delete or cancel pending hours that have already been submitted for verification?

Pending hours can be cancelled and returned to a Draft state where they can be edited if necessary. Hours can also be deleted when they are in a Draft State.

Cancelling Pending Hours

Pending hours can be cancelled by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the page to show your hours and their related status
  2. Locate the Pending hours you wish to cancel
  3. Next, click on the editlink
  4. Once you’re on the Update Volunteer Hours page, scroll down until you reach thecancel button
  5. Click on this button to change your Pending hours into Draft hours

Deleting Draft Hours

Draft hours can be deleted by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the page to show your hours and their related status
  2. Locate the Draft hours you wish to delete
  3. Click on the editlink
  4. Once you’re on the Update Volunteer Hours page, scroll down until you see thedeletebutton
  5. Click on this button to delete your Draft hours



How can I save or print one page of a form?

If you are interested in saving and/or printing only one page of a form, follow the steps below:

  1. Save and Export the form in Hour Republic by clicking the button shown here:saveexport
  2. Select the Print icon print
  3. Type “1” in the Pages field (outlined by the yellow circle in the image below) to only print or save page 1. Change the number to match the number of the page you want to print (e.g. “2” if you want to print page 2)  prin1
  4. Select the Print button (blue button in the picture above) to save/print the specified page

Why isn’t an organization receiving my email to verify hours?

If a contact or organization is not receiving hour logs, then please review the following possible reasons:

  • The contact’s email was entered incorrectly
    If the contact’s email has been inputted incorrectly (e.g. spelling errors), then the student’s submission will not go through. Please ensure that students are submitting their logs to the correct email address.

NOTE: You can confirm a contact’s email by reviewing a student’s hour logs to see which email address has been recorded.

  • Verification emails have not been received by a contact or organization    Emails may not be received by the contact or organization as a result of their inbox being full or their email server being down. To check if this is the case, email the organization directly. If they are experiencing issues with their email, please call the organization to let them know.
  • Verification emails have been sent to the spam or junk folders 
    Emails from “” may be directed to spam or junk folders depending on the email firewall in use by a contact or organization. Please ask the contact to check their Spam and/or Junk folders and to add “” to a Safe List. They can also search their Inbox, searching “Hour Republic”, to locate the email message.

If the organizations needs assistance checking their spam folder or adding our email to their safe list, please send them this FAQ.

If none of the above reasons apply, then there are alternate ways to verify the hours:

  • Re-send the email to the Company or Contact   
    If the company has not verified the hours after a long period of time, please have the student edit their pending hours and click   to resend the verification email to the company or contact.
  • Teachers can “Save and Approve” the Hours       
    If a student cannot contact their organization and their hours are not being verified, guidance can manually save and approve of a student’s hours without verification from the organization.

Draft Email to Employer

I understand that you are not receiving verification emails from Hour Republic.

Sometimes, emails from Hour Republic ( may be directed to your Spam or Junk folders depending on the email firewall in use by your organization. Please check your Spam and/or Junk folders to locate the message.

If you are still unable to locate the email message, then please search your Inbox,  searching for “Hour Republic”, to locate the message.

Finally, you can add “” to a Safe List. This can usually be done directly in your email account, or via your IT department.

Are Placement employers required to create an account?

No, employers are not required to create an account.

Students have an account which they create placement hours and you will receive an email invitation in which you can accept or decline the student’s hours as well as leave a comment.

Click here to view the employer fact sheet, which teachers can share with any supervisors. (Click here for the French version).