How do students submit a Reflection/Journal?

Q: How Do I Submit a Reflection?

1. On the left toolbar, Click the  button

2. On the Reflection page, select  the  icon in the top right corner

3. Begin by selecting a topic from a list of Reflection topics available from your teacher/coordinator

4. Once you select a topic, the question and attachments added by your teacher/coordinator will appear

5. Use the Reflection/Journal box to answer the Reflection

6. Select to upload any documents, pictures or PDFs to your submission

7. Choose to Save and Approve or Save your response as draft.

How do Teachers/Coordinators add new Reflection/Journal topics?

Q: How do Teachers/Coordinators add new Reflection/Journal topics?

A: To begin adding a new topic, click   on the left toolbar

1. Click theicon in the corner

2. Enter a Topic name and Description


3. Input the Start Date and End Date (the dates your students can view topics e.g. one week or over a period of 4 weeks).

4. Choose whether to add the topic as a School Reflection. Selecting this will allow for all teachers/coordinators at the school to access the topic

5. Add any attachments (i.e. PDF, Word Documents, Excel, Pictures, etc..)

6. To finish, select the  button in the top right corner

NOTE: Once the end date has passed, students will no longer be able to see the Reflection.

Q: How do I modify the order that students view Reflection/Journal topics?

A: To change the order of how students view the topic:

1. Click   on the left toolbar

2. Hold and drag the toggle icon in on the left hand side to rearrange a topic above or below another topic

3. This will automatically move the topic in place and save in the new order that you would like it to appear for students

Student Profiles

To begin managing students, click the  tab in the left toolbar


1. Once students sign up, you will be able to view all your students on your dashboard. Teachers/coordinators are able to use the search bar and filters to sort how they see students

2. You can filter students by:

– Status (Active, Inactive, Pending)
– Semester
– Hour type (Extracurricular, Peer Tutor, Placement, Volunteer)
– Hour Status (Draft, Pending, Verified, Rejected)
– Classes (i.e. AM/PM classes, or streams)

3. Click any of the headers to sort the order of students (i.e. A-Z or Last Login)

4. Use the on the right side of the student row to email a student directly, or send them a password reset


1. Click anywhere along the student row to go to a specific student’s profile

2. On the student dashboard, teachers/coordinators are able to manage students individually

3. On the main dashboard, you can view the student’s progress bar, add hours for them, view their weekly logs and use the icons to manage the student’s profile.


1. Click the  icon to manage a student profile

2. Under the General tab teachers/coordinators and students can edit/input basic information including:
– Name, Preferred Name, ID/OEN, School Board/Institution, School/Program, Parent/Guardian’s Email, Year Started, Email, Status, Semester, Sign Up Date, End Date, Associated Course, Username, Login Code

3. Click Profile Picture to upload a photo

4. Under the Demographics tab indicate the Student Type (i.e. Co-op, SHSM, Placement), Gender, DOB, Age Group, Keywords

5. Add Employers

6. Add Emergency Contact

7. Add Contacts

8. Add Addresses

9. Add Volunteer Interests

10. Add Career Interests

11. Add Classes

12. Add Settings (here is where you can set up the total number of hours for each progress bar)


Scroll down to the bottom of the General tab to see the username and email linked to the student’s account


1. Click the  icon to manage student’s Employer/Company

2. To attach an Employer/Company to a student click thein the top right corner

3. Once you have chosen a Client from the drop-down, you can add the Start and End Date, Notes and Save.


You must add Organizations/Employers first before assigning them to students. Click here for instructions.


1. Click the  icon to manage a student’s Availability

2. Click thein the top right corner to begin

3. Under the General tab, add the Date Range of the student’s availability, mark whether the student is available during that date range, and add a description

4. Under the Time Slots tab, a teacher/coordinator or student can mark which days and times the student is available then save


  • Click the  icon to add or manage Notes for a student
  • Select the in the top right corner to begin
  • Add a subject line, check off the Public box if you would like the student to also see the comment, add a note and click Save


1. Click the icon to add attachments to a student’s profile

2. Select the in the top right corner to begin

3. Upload the image or document you would like to attach and add a description (optional)

4. Click Save


1. Click the  icon to add a Reflection

2. Select the in the top right corner to begin

3. Pick a Topic and a question and any attachments relating to the topic will appear

4. Fill in the Reflection/Journal Field

5. Once finished, Save or Save and Submit the Reflection

For more details on how to add a Reflection, Click here


1. Click the icon to add an Achievement such as First Aid Training

2. Select the in the top right corner to begin

3. Under the General tab, select the Achievement Type from the drop-down [or teachers can create their own by clicking ]. Next, fill in the name of the achievement (e.g. Safety Training Workshop) or use the default selected, the completion date, expiry date, and/or a description of the achievement.

4. Next, fill in the information on the Issuer’s name, email, and phone

5. Lastly, add attachments relevant to the achievement

6. Once finished, click Save.

How do I clear my cache in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge?

To speed things up and conserve communications bandwidth, browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) attempt to keep local copies of pages, images, and other content you’ve visited, so that it does not need to be downloaded again later. Occasionally this caching scheme goes awry (e.g. the browser insists on showing out-of-date content) making it necessary to bypass the cache and force your browser to re-download a web page’s complete, up-to-date content.

In Chrome

On your keyboard, press the Ctrl button and F5 key at the same time


  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More.
  3. Click More tools and then Clear browsing data.
  4. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
  5. Next to “Cached images and files,” check the box.
  6. Click Clear data.
  7. Close Chrome completely (all tabs), and re-open Chrome again to notice the effects of clearing your cache.

NOTE: There is no need to check off the Cookies and Browsing History boxes when clearing our cache. That could remove saved content and passwords from your computer.

Reference: Google Account Help; Wikipedia

In Firefox

1. On your computer, open Firefox

2. Click on the  icon in the top right corner

3. Next, Select the Privacy & Security settings on the left side of the screen

4. Scroll down until you find the Cookies and Site Data then click on Clear Data

5. A menu will pop up with 2 options, make sure to uncheck the Cookies and Site Data option or else your saved login information will be deleted.

6. Select  then exit your settings, any changes you make are automatically saved

Reference: Support Mozilla

In Microsoft Edge

1. On your computer, open Microsoft Edge

2. Click on the  icon in the top right corner

3. Next, Select the Privacy, search, and services settings on the left side of the screen

4. Under Clear browsing data, select the  button

5. Set the Time Range to the desired setting

6. A pop-up menu will appear, uncheck Browsing history, Download history, and Cookies and other site data. Make sure Cached images and files is checked.

7. Click on the  button then exit your settings

Reference: Lifewire

How do students create or access their learning plan, and other forms?

Students have the ability to create and/or contribute to their learning plan or other forms such as WEAs, OYAP forms, etc.

The process for creating a form or plan is the same for students and teachers. The main difference being, students only see their own information whereas teachers have access to their entire class.

#1: Click on the Forms tab in Hour Republic to create a new form

The student ID (or OEN) needs to be accurate in order for a student to access forms. If any issues arise, then please check student Settings and ensure that the OEN is accurate (enter the OEN with no dashes).

#2: Click Create Forms
Click on 1 form or several types of forms that you wish to create (e.g. check off Learning Plan, WEA and OYAP)

#3: Click the Create Forms button in the top right corner (if you haven’t already)

If you don't have a semester or teacher associated with your account, you can set it by clicking the Edit button next to appropriate field. 

#4: Select your name, then click Next.

- ***If your teacher has already created a learning plan or form for you, then please skip this step (Step #4)
- If your teacher has already entered your course, employer, etc. for previous forms (e.g. WEA), then this information will automatically appear.
#5: Begin filling out or editing the form
We autofill your form with student data that was imported (shared by your school board's IT department)


#6: Each form will have the option to Add Course Details and/or Add Employer Details.

Click the Add button to view and select from a list of all the Ministry of Education courses. Click the Add button again to add multiple courses.

#7: Add the Employer information

There are 2 ways to add an employer. You can either search for an existing employer or add a new employer. Before adding a new employer, please ensure that you have searched for your employer first, in order to avoid duplicates.

Add an Existing Employer
The search bar is smart. If you type in a few letters, it will find a match. Once you have selected an employer, select the Contact and Student Position (i.e. Cashier).
Adding a New Employer
If you are unable to find an employer via a search, click the Add Employer button to create a new employer. You can follow this FAQ to add a new employer.

#8: Fill out the remainder of the form.

#9: Once the form is complete, you can either
– Save, Finish or Export PDF
– Print
– Sign electronically
– Email a request(s) for e-signatures

All new forms that you or your teacher create for you will appear under Recent Forms (right-side of screen). Click on the plan or form you just created to Edit, Copy, Export or Delete.

e-Signature of Volunteer Hours

Students can obtain e-signatures for volunteer hours. Simply present your smart phone (or any device that has a touch screen), and your supervisor or parent can sign with their finger on the spot.

1. Add Hours button, volunteer hours (or, Edit for existing hours)

2. Complete volunteer hour and activity fields, and Save.

3. Select the Verify by Signature button near the bottom of a Draft or Pending log (select Edit link to view).
*Remember to check the box indicating that the hours are eligible and meet the school board’s community hour requirements

Verify by Signature button

4. Present the signature pad screen to your volunteer supervisor or parent.
They can sign off using their finger or a mouse (if it’s a touchscreen computer). Then, click Confirm.

Parent signature field

5. Volunteer hours will show as Verified Verified signature button

or Pending if you are still waiting for a signature Pending signature button

6. An email confirmation message will be shared with the person who verified the hours (volunteer supervisor or parent), indicating that they verified the hours on that day, with an image of their signature. They can edit the verification status if necessary.

NOTE: Students are still able to use the e-mail verification option if preferred [FAQ].

How do I override the total hours of a student’s Weekly Log?

If you have been in a situation where your student incorrectly inputted their shift hours and you had to manually fix each and every one of the shifts, then this feature is perfect for you. Our Total Hour Override feature allows teachers to quickly change a student’s total hours for a weekly log without having to worry about monotonously fixing each incorrect shift. To override a student’s hours, please complete the following steps:
1. Go to your Placement Dashboard and click on the desired student

2. Click on the edit link next to the incorrect Weekly Log

3. Scroll down to the Total Hours and click on the pencil icon


4. Type in the correct total hours

5. Click save

Hour Republic’s Experiential Learning Platform

Empowering schools to go paperless. It’s possible. InstantAutofill and PlacementTracker make it easy.

Teachers are drowning in paperwork. Paper-based and spreadsheet tracking of graduation requirements dominates in schools. It’s time confusing and highly inefficient.

Our InstantAutofill™ document generator takes student data and auto-fills work placement documents, such as Ministry government documents, and is also used to build personalized student learning plans. Teachers no longer have to manually fill out documents and they can generate, print and receive e-signatures for these documents for hundreds of students at a time.

employer circle 1

Instantly complete:
-Work Education Agreements (WEA)
-Personalized Placement Learning Plans (PPLPs)
-Apprenticeship forms (OYAP)
-Apprenticeship placement cards
-Monitoring assessment forms
-College of Trades forms
-*Custom forms


Our PlacementTrackerand VolunteerHourTracker™ manage school work placements and student progress toward graduation requirements. Students obtain electronic signature verification from placement supervisors and no longer have to drive across town or hop on a bus to get a signature. Teachers track student progress in real time.

Contact us here to learn more.

What is Represented by the Approved Check Mark on the Student’s Hour Section?

When a student’s hours are Verified by an employer, a teacher has the ability to ‘Approve’ the hours. This feature is available for both the Placement and Volunteer dashboards.

The purpose of this to serve as an indicator to the student that they are on the right track. The check mark also allows teachers to keep track of which logs they have reviewed to date.

If Verified hours are not approved, they have a light green ‘x’ under the Approved column while Non-Verified hours appear as blank.