(New Version 2020) Hour Republic FAQs Guide

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•    How do I reset my password? 
•    General Questions

Main Administrator Section
•    How do I create a new class? 
•    How do I create a sign up code? 
•    How do I add a new resource? 

•    How do I add new Organizations/Employers?  
•    How do I add contacts to an Organization/Employer?  
•    How do I add a Volunteer or Placement opportunity?

How do students sign-up?
•    How do I manage my Student Dashboard?
•    Icon Guide
•    How do I add hours?

•    How do teachers add new Reflection/Journal topics? 
•    How do students submit a Reflection/Journal?
•    How do teachers mark Reflections/Journal topics?
•    How do students delete a Reflection/Journal?

How do Teachers/Coordinators sign-up?
•    How do I create a report?