Hour Republic FAQs Guide

Look no further than this guide to direct you to the FAQ you need

A. General
•    Getting Started Guide
•    How do Teachers/Coordinators sign-up?
•    How do I reset my password and find my username?
•    General Questions
•    Pre-placement Activities

B. Main Administrator Section
•    How do I create a new class? 
•    How do I create a sign up code? 
•    How do I add a new resource?
•    How do I add Bulk Achievements?
•    Adjusting the progress bar
•    Disable/hide certain sections and fields
•    How do I add or change my school’s logo
•    Student Types
•    How do teachers/coordinators customize the Achievements drop-down?

C. Employer/Organization
•    How do I add new Organizations/Employers?  
•    How do I add contacts to an Organization/Employer?  
•    How do I add a Volunteer or Placement opportunity?
•    How do Organizations Approve Hours?
•    Published and Public Positions/Opportunities
•    Active vs Pending Organizations/Employers

D. Students
How do students sign-up?
•    How do I add Volunteer and Other Hours?
•    How do I add Placement/Co-op Hours?
•    How do I print a report of my hours?
•    How do I manage my Student Dashboard?
•    Icon Guide
•    How do I Assign an Organization to a Student?
•    How do I see when students registered or logged in last?
•    How does a Student Add More than One Shift?
•    What if a Student has Two Employers/Supervisors?
•    How do Students and Teachers/Coordinators Create an Achievement?

E. Reflections/Journals
•    How do teachers add new Reflection/Journal topics? 
•    How do students submit a Reflection/Journal?
•    How do teachers mark Reflections/Journal topics?
•    How do students delete a Reflection/Journal?

F. Reports
•    How do I create a report? 
•    How do I Create a PDF Version of Reports?
•    How do I print a report of my hours?

G. Calendar
•    Colour Coding in the Schedule
•    Navigating the Calendar
•    How do I create a PDF Version of the Calendar?